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Personal Spending Tracker

Hey For the past 2-3 weeks (mostly over weekends) I was working on one of my personal project. It got me so intensively so I said to myself "You really need to finish this first, before anything else". Well today I finished it.

To not talk about some "feelings around" let's get into it...

I've build Personal Spending Tracker in MERN stack deployed on Heroku. For those who never heard about it MERN stands for MongoDB,ExpressJS,React,Node.

In more tech way I used the MongoDB to handle my database stuff like user-registration, user-login, adding spending into dashboad, quering and summarising data on the dashboard.

Then for my BE(backend) I've used ExpressJS and Node to handle my endpoints which are being called from Front End also handling security with loooooads of useful node modules most like known as npm modules like HelmetJS and so on...

Aaand at the end I was running ReactJS on the Front End.

App is currently supporting adding and displaying your overall spending and some small statistics like "total spend" and "most expensive item so far". Sooner or later I will add some more functionality for it :)

If you would like to review the app here's the link:
App here

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