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Why start learning blockchain ?

Lots of developers at some point of their careers feels that what they are developing looks almost the same, maybe for a different public or different business scope, but the results is almost the same. I mean, a product with some new features that people are enjoying (or not) and this will keep their company's earning money and growing. I'm not saying that this is a rule, but I know developers that feel this way and I'm one of those.

In my opinion the developers could do more to the world than only crafting applications that people will use to interact or manage businesses. Of course that they are important and should keep existing, but we can create solutions for solving problems related to social inequality, food distribution and fair price policies. I'm not going to go deeper in those problems, but everybody knows that they exists and make a lot of people's life harder.

Looking into the Blockchain, it really can help the world with problems like those and that's why I started studying it.

With a blockchain we can create applications for tracking government transactions and make it impossible to commit embezzlement or money laundry. This is possible because blockchain is basically an accounts book that everyone have it and every time a new transaction happens a new record is generated and added to everybody's book. This brings transparency, trust that from where to where the money goes and that the amount taken from the sender to the destiny was really effective.

Ok, that is not going to solve all problems, but this is an example of what we can do to help the world to became a better place ( Even that is a little bit :D ) for everyone. Let's use our knowledge to something that makes a positive impact to the world !

I'm going to post all my studying learnings related to blockchain here and hopefully to make you more motivated to start learning it too.

Cheers :D

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Pierre Bouillon

Blockchain is awesome and could bring solutions in so many different domains!
I did the same a couple of weeks ago and put everything in there, hope it can help! I would also be glad if can add good resources you may find in it :)

gmfcastro profile image

Hey Pierre, thank you for sharing this link ! There is a lot of good information there I see. After some more deeper studying I will definitely help you to enrich that repo !!