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πŸ‹ Docker Cheat Sheet [PDF + Infographic]

godcrampy profile image Sahil Bondre twitter logo github logo ・1 min read

Cheat Sheets (9 Part Series)

1) πŸ“œ Git Cheat-Sheet [infographic + pdf] 2) πŸ“¦ npm Cheat-Sheet [infographic + pdf] 3 ... 7 3) 🎁 Yarn Cheat-Sheet [infographic + pdf] 4) πŸ¦„ The Ultimate Gatsby Cheat Sheet [PDF + Infographic] 5) πŸ‹ Docker Cheat Sheet [PDF + Infographic] 6) 🌈 VS Code Cheat-Sheet [PDF + Infographic] 7) βœ’οΈ Markdown Cheat-Sheet [PDF + Infographic] 8) πŸ” Regex Cheat-Sheet [PDF + Infographic] 9) ⭐ Dev-Cheats: A Curated Collection of Beautiful Cheat-Sheets

DockerΒ is a fantastic tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers.

Here's a cheat-sheet to help you remember common docker commands.

Alt Text

πŸ“ Download the pdf version of this cheatsheet
🌟 All my cheat-sheets are in this repo (Star it!)
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πŸ˜„ Have a wonderful day!

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Nice series. Keep going! The guides like a lighthouse in fast moving water because the tool chain is experiencing a growth spurt. IMHO, feels like the tool chain is transitioning away from old ways of making apps.


Looks nice! I have a question, I haven't worked with Docker before. Is there any starting resource you would recommend? Thanks!


Here's is how I went about. I think that before learning about what a thing is, it is necessary to learn the 'why' of the thing. Why docker exists? Why did they build it?
I started with this and this talk on DevOps. These don't teach you docker but give you a feel for the need of docker.
Then I did this free course on freeCodeCamp.
After that, I just stopped doing any courses and just tried building and breaking stuff myself. πŸ˜„


Thanks for your reply! I will check out the resources you linked. I totally agree with you, it' just that there appears to be a lot of resources on Docker and DevOps I had no idea where to start so I wanted to ask someone with experience on it. Thanks again!


Thanks a lot man. How's it going? πŸ˜ƒ


It's going good. I dig the Git cheat sheet as well.

Cool! I've started getting my hands dirty in devops recently it's really fun.

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