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I need help in master Python from start to finish so I can progress to machine learning

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You can start of with Automate boring stuff with python book/courses . I took some lectures from there it seems good .

I used 2 methods to learn python :

  1. I learnt python by teaching myself how to web scrape and there was plenty of handfulll things that can come in handy that you will learn to process things faster for example :
    list/dict generators, enumarate, filter, for each etc. I don't know if you knew any language prior to python, but if you did, then learning python should be a breeze :)

  2. I kept learning by using datasets and analysing them using numpy, scipy, pandas matplotlib which you will come across if you are into ML / Data Science

There is plenty of resources online that teach you these python shanenigans, you will easily find them. Try checkking other people's analysis too on or github.

I hope I pointed you in the right direction.
Good luck :))

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Hi Stefan,

thanks for the generous feedback. I did a bit of C++ back in school, so I have all teh fundamentals.

I learn by doing activities, so I will like to start with the first point you gave. Where can I get web scraping to do ? if you have projects on it, I do not minding working on them for free as a means to learn on the go.

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I got no projects on it, but used to find some while freelancing so maybe thats where you need to point .

You can do something like this as your own project:
Make a twitter bot of your own that has searches by hashtags user searches auto liking log in keyword by user commenting etc. Schedule jobs for every 8 hours for liking or something and then save liked posts or whatever you collect into a databse of your choice. I started of with postgres and then moved to mongodb as it had a more pleasent interface for Python

Try collecting some github stuff, or you can choose any website of your choice and just collect the data if it looks interesting to you :))

You will run into selenium often
Always look for ways arround selenium because its much faster by using requests woth lxml or BeautifulSoup. Allthough obviously for a twittet bot you will end up needing need it 😄

And have in mind not all sites allow this so choose carefully else you will run into captchas often 😂

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selenium sounds like something out of Harry Potter...LOL

I will add all these to my Python to do, thanks once again!