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Uninstalling gems with a specific pattern/same family

Ever wonderered how to uninstall same family of gems without uninstalling everything from your rubygems folder?

I have mistakenly installed aws-sdk gem when I all I needed was just aws-sdk-s3 gem but left the command to complete and after sometime to my horror there were 264 gems installed which correspond to every available AWS services!

So, I wanted to remove all aws-sdk gems and startover again but at the same time didn't want to break my other gems. So I did write up small shellscript like the following:

$ for x in `gem list aws-sdk- --no-versions`; do gem uninstall $x -a -x -I; done
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Voila! All my 264 gems are uninstalled, not touching any other gem which is out of scope(Thanks to AWS folks with their naming convention as their every gem starts with aws-sdk- prefix.).

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Akshay Khot

Thanks for sharing. I made the same mistake and your script did the trick!