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Hi Gokul, I had been searching for a nice library to implement JWT authentication in my api when I came across your gem. It looks very promising to be honest. And the documentation is also quite impressive. However, while following the documentation, when I tried to sign_up(register a user) I got "typeerror (no implicit conversion of nil into string)" error.
Can you help me out with this? I really want to avoid build a JWT authentication system from scratch and I think your gem is just the thing that I want. Any kind of response would be appreciated.
And for future improvements, is it possible to include "Httponly cookie" to store the token for remembering the users? That would be a nice touch IMO.
Thanks for the Gem Gokul. Keep up the good work.


Hi kcsujeet, Thanks for your feedback.

Can you please create an issue in API Guard repo with some logs?

It will be useful to track and debug.


I have created the issue. Please can you go through the details and help me out in this regard.

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