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PR maturity timer resets in hacktober profile

gokulrajanpillai profile image Gokul Rajan ・1 min read

Its my first Hacktober and I was super excited for making my contribution. I have submitted 5 PRs in total and got the first four updated on my Hacktober profile.

At the time of submisison the maturity timer stated 6d:xh:xm:xs.
But on the following days I have noticed that the timer changed to 10d:xh:xm:xs.
And now everyday when I login I can see that the maturity timer resets to 10d:xh:xm:xs.

Is this normal?

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musps profile image

The maturity days increased from 7 days to 14 days, but the time should be subtracted (5d => 12 (not 14)).

IF your timer is stuck then its not normal and you should report a bug here:

robinrs profile image

There are new rules. Here on is also a post from the dev team about it. It's totally normal. It was changed to prevent spam pr requests to get the goodies.