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Goku Mohandas
Goku Mohandas

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Made With ML - discover, learn and build ML

Hey everyone,

I wanted to share a free platform I built about a month ago called Made With ML. It's a one-stop platform to discover, learn and build all things
machine learning.

There are currently three main pages on the platform:

β€’ πŸ”– Collections - meaningful ways to organize ML content:
β€’ πŸ—‚ Projects - stay up-to-date with trending/niche projects by the community:
β€’ πŸ“š Topics - the best resources by topic (community curated and automatically updated):

We have several thousand active users, nearly 1000 projects and it's growing everyday. We'll always be 100% free and it's becoming the goto place to keep up with ML. Here's how our users are using the platform:

β€’ πŸ“† Stay up-to-date with trending and niche Projects added by the community.
β€’ πŸ” Discover the blog posts, code, research, videos, demos, etc. that accompany the many projects.
β€’Β πŸ”– Organize the projects that you find interesting with Collections (like Spotify playlists).
β€’Β πŸŒŽ Share your own and others projects for the community to discover forever.
β€’ πŸ“š Learn from the Topics page - a highly curated and auto updating collection of the best resources.
β€’ πŸ’» Build your Profile to use as a dynamic resume and for collaboration with others.

So create your free forever account today at and if you'd like daily updates, follow us on:
β€’ Twitter:
β€’Β LinkedIn:

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