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Stefan Wuthrich
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Business Problem without a Solution?

Starting in January of next year, I will have more time to work on my own projects. To get in contact with real business problems, I launched the Free Solution Deal on, where business owners or managers can participate to get a chance to receive a free software-based solution that solves your business problem.

The Deal Conditions

  • You have a problem in your business that is not resolved or not well resolved, and can imagine that there could be a (better) software-based solution.
  • You must NOT provide or have any solution in mind for it. You give me a clear description of your problem and what company you have or are working for.
  • I will preselect some problems until end of 2022 and then start doing interviews if you are part of them. During this process, I will learn more about the problem and try to propose some rough solutions.
  • I will, after that phase, select a max of three problems where I define a detailed solution which I then present to the β€œproblem owners”
  • I will start to build the proposed solution If at least one of them agrees that they can resolve the problem and deliver them as a Software as a Service product.
  • You as the selected problem owner, will get the solution first, 100% free, for a lifetime, with all initial and future features and exclusive support through me. *You will get a contract with my US company assuring the usage right for your company

Read more and participate on

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Andres 🐍 in πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦

ey stefan, great initiative!

please mantain us informative about the process and the list of request :P