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Coming Soon: Full-Stack Developer Profiles

Since my silent release February 2019 I did a bunch of improvements for my Job Board for Full-Stack Developers.

To mention some of them:

  • Fast Filter for Skills (on top of the listing and clicking on a skill badge)
  • Remote OK Filter
  • Country Filter
  • More quality Job's listed
  • Complete Back-End for Job and Blog Administration

What I learned until now is, that Job Seekers mainly like my board, because of quality of jobs listed. My goal never was and never will be to have 150'000 jobs in our DB, where most of them are outdated or of bad quality. I list only the newest jobs and all of them are manually checked before being approved.

Now I want to go a step further. I want to offer Job Candidates to show up to qualified job recruiters with a well-prepared resume/candidate profile.
For recruiters we offer the possibility to get access to qualified candidate.

And all of this, as with the Job Positions, based on quality and not quantity. I will check and accept only real Full-Stack Developer Candidates and same for Recruiters, which can be qualified companies, recruiter agencies and head-hunters.

Read more about and register now for free:

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