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Help me do a Go Newsletter you will like

I’m Stefan, the maintainer of this new Go Newsletter.

I started with Go about 5 years ago, when in the company I work for, our CTO showed me the hefty stuff he codes in Go and explains why he chooses that company is using Go. ( thank you for that CTO, I know you read this 😄 )

I’m not working as Dev in this company, but product management, but code since “Shining” and before Acoustic coupler’s (google about….) entered in the IT-sphere. I always want to be “state of the art” with coding, that Dev’s I work with can not tell me any story, and I can do Sideprojects, like the Go Developer Job Board.

Since 2017 I tweet daily about new or update Go Libraries, go-based open-source software, and have on @golangch over 6300 Followers.

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Now I start this Newsletter to have a way to write a bit more about the interesting stuff I find when I schedule my tweets via some other side-project, I do, plus use this channel to get to some discussions with the Go Community.
NOW… What you need to work (please 😄 )

First, please tell me in the comments on what frequency of newsletter you prefer
bi-weekly, tri-weekly (uncommon, but why not), or monthly.

Second. What are you most interested in:
a) Go Packages/Libraries (to use in your projects)
b) Go-based tools, open-source software ( to use and/or to study code )
c) Golang related content, like tutorials, blog posts.

Please subscribe and comment here:
Golang1 Newsletter

Thank you and until soon

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I prefer b/c for frequency and a/b for content