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Stefan Wuthrich
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Second Job Board running on the now multi-tenant "boardengine"

February 2019 I launched as a single tenant Job Board for Full-Stack Developers. From the beginning, the plan was to build it as the basis for an "Engine", which can handle multiple boards for a different kind of Niche or Company Job Boards. To not potentially lose to much time before launching first board I did not implement multi-tenant layer, but the coding was done to add this layer as fast as possible after.

Now, about 4 months later, I added the layer and do a soft launch today of the new Job Board for JavaScript Developers. As written above, this board run's on the same code and instance, to show up possibilities of

Next Step is now to build a new landing page for boardengine and start commercialization.

Soon I plan to make a more technical post about how I implemented multi-tenancy (Stack: Go, Vue.js, ArangoDb, Redis, Nsq, Rancher/Docker)

Cheers Stefan

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Good luck with your plans!

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Stefan Wuthrich

Tks Matthias :-)