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Need a Break from Google? Here are a few Google Alternatives!


Google has become an indispensable part of every developer around the World. Although being a Tech Giant dominating the Market with the impressive and frequent product and service rollouts, Google too has made its user doubt them for Privacy and Trust issues.
Here are a few Google Alternatives that you can try out and get the most out of them.

Google Chrome

Google Chrome Alternatives:


Firefox being a near alternative to Google's Chrome, yet suffers minor pitfalls. Firefox knows that it's just a browser and does not collect Disturbing amounts of User data as like Chrome.


Vivaldi is built with Chromium which is the base for Chrome, makes it support almost all Chrome Extensions.


Privacy matters for Brave, Go HTTPS and Go with Zero Ads it the motto of Brave.


Opera uses Chromium Page rendering, so it's less often that the page will let you down in performance and speed. Built-in VPN, Ad-Blockers are added feathers to the Crown.

Chromium - Ungoogled

Chromium can be mentioned as a better alternative for Chrome but Ungoogled Chromium which has every trace of Google being erased has become a DemiGod in the World of Secure Browsers.

Google Search

Google Search Alternatives:

Duck Duck Go

Finally, no fear of getting tracked. Duck Duck Go gives all its user the same result for the same search, unlike Google who tracks you and shows preferred Search Results.


Are you already in the Dark Side? Dark themes are the most common nowadays. With less Battery Consumption and better Dark Theming Qwant is your Light Saber.


SearX is a Meta Search Engine that strives to deliver you fast results by searching with the help of other Search Engines


Ecosia plants trees for every search you do. If Ecosia were a Tech Giant like Google, there could have been a complete absorption of 15% of global CO2 emission.

Google-Password Manager

Google Passwords Alternatives:


Keypass unlike any other Password Databases storing data on Cloud, Stores Encrypted Passwords locally.


LastPass stores encrypted password copies locally as well as on their servers. That way, it can be accessed both when the user is Online and Offline.


Gmail Alternatives:


Your mails are too precious, and if you don't want someone storing your emails switch to Fastmail. They are really Fast and provides full ownership of your mails.


This mail service has a different approach of "Only You read your mail". They have improved Security services at the time of the Breach.


Unlike Gmail, Tutanota does End-to-End encryption of the email and makes sure your mail data is secured.

Google Docs

Google Docs Alternatives:


Secured Storage and Easy Collaborations gives the New Comer a prominent place.


Super Easy and Great UI adds up to Quip's Collaborative and Communication features. This surely deserves a shot.

Google Drive

Google Drive Alternatives:


Easier File sharing, faster and Secured file access and easy synching give DropBox an upper hand.


Provides extremely well Collaborations and End-to-end encryption of Files stored over the Cloud


Google Chats/ Hangouts Alternatives:


This Big Dog doesn't need an Introduction with enormous features in just this tiny app, Telegram is sure the winner


Large Community Support and highly adopted by Industry people, Slack has a standpoint of its own.


Follow the same features as Slack, Discord has become popular among Gamers, Startups, students, and many


The wire has larger Platform support than Hangouts and is enriched with a great UI.


Google Images Alternatives:


Provide High-Quality Completely Free and Organised and Tagged Photos to the Users


Unsplash is dedicated to serving Business Needs and provides Composed and Quick retrievable Photos for free.


Standing to be a Steady competitor in Reverse Image Searching TinEye scores a point.


Google Translate Alternatives:

More nearer to Google Translate features.


Powered by a rapid learning AI and a Strong built Dictionary of Lingee Deepl gets an A+.


Google Weather Alternatives:

Dark Sky

Offers Hyper Realistic and Real-time Weather Forecast data

Weather Underground

Weather Underground has been forced to hold 2nd position by Dark Sky for being comparatively less accurate.

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phil133 profile image

Great post! I didn't know there were these many Google alternatives, good job!.... However I see Mailfence is missing among the Gmail alternatives. A very serious secure email provider, based in Belgium. You can securely communicate with everyone. I really enjoy the suite of tools you have: Mesages, Calendar, Contacts/ Groups, Documents, etc... Very well protected also, as their servers are outside US jurisdiction. Cheers!