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Goodness Olawoore
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I am starting a technical blog!!!

I have always wanted to write technical articles and blog posts, but every single time, I have also asked myself if I can really handle the stress/work that comes with putting long words together.

Well, I finally got the inspiration to start writing when Chioma shared a blog post where Ifihan wrote about the differences and similarities between Lists and Tuples in python.

I jokingly replied “Lemme carry my pen and write about sets vs dictionaries”, I had expected her to send a “lol” response or a laughing emoji in return but nah, she replied “oya”, meaning, do it! Then it dawned on me that I just got trapped in my own net😂.

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So, why did I make that comment in the first place?

Lists and Tuples are two of the 4 built-in data types in Python with Sets and Dictionaries completing them. So, I thought, if someone wrote about Lists and Tuples, let me complement the job with the remaining two members of the built-in data types family. This was all I needed to start!

My first article will be out in no time. Instead of writing about Sets and Dictionaries, I will be writing about the Python programming language itself, bringing you into the world of Python (installation steps and a guide to running your first program).

So take this as my debut post. Moving forward, I will be using this platform to share my thoughts, knowledge and new learnings on things related to Python, Microsoft Azure, Developer tools, and technology in general.


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Valia Havryliuk

Wow, congrats! I am sending you supporting vibes :)
I am also starting a tech blog around the API product that we are building. You can take a look here if interested:

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Good luck with your blog!

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Goodness Olawoore

Thank you @devlorenzo , do check out my newly published article on python