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Hello developer, I am glad you found this article. I wrote this with you in mind, and it is meant to guard you on this path. Why bear much burden when there is help?

Life is a lot easier when there are those on whose shoulders you can climb. Here I will be sharing briefly with you some truths that will boost your velocity whether as a beginner, intermediate or you’ve been around a while.
Becoming a developer is challenging and yet exciting. You’ve to love the job, or I should say calling. It is something you can’t do casually. It requires a consistent and conscientious effort. Discipline, dedication and diligence are not in words but in doing. Nobody pays to hear you talk as a developer, rather you are paid to do it. So, sharpening your skills is a top priority.

‘Okay, enough intro let’s get to it’!!! You are right we’re getting there. I will list them out and we'll begin.

  1. Get a corner in the room
  2. Work your corner before inviting guest
  3. Keep up the standard
  4. Who says your dream Job is impossible?
  5. Don’t reinvent the wheels, Leverage platforms

Get a Corner in the Room

Joining the world of developers may sound exciting. You may have excitedly proclaimed ‘I am a developer’, only to discover your excitement just died the next minute on peeping in. You don’t have to be discouraged, we all felt that way too.
There are millions of developers around the world and you’re just +1. This should not scare you. You are unique in the million. The community needs you. The number of developers is not important as it is that you get a corner. Look for a niche and fit yourself. This is a place where you have passion for and wish to pour your life, as life is not long enough for any of us. Choose a language and start with it till you are proficient enough. Don’t be carried away by the trends and all the buzz. Just pick a tool and master it. I mean one tool. This leads us to the next point.

Work your corner before inviting Guests

This is important. Some young developers are so out to impress. This shouldn’t be your trade. You could waste precious hours if you do not plan your route as a developer. There are myriads of information available to you, but you don’t need all of them. you need to be selective where you quench your thirst. How many hours can you invest to build your skills? Information is good, but skills are what people are paying for. You have to invest time and get rid of distractions. Get to know the fundamentals, and stop jumping on resources.
Don’t start by going for the jobs. Work on your skills enough. You can do some tasks and projects along the way but keep that big company out of it.

Keep Up the Standard

You are not done yet but you are close. After building your skills and choosing your tools, it is time to go a little out. Now you’re ready to add more loads. I call this keeping up the standard. Maintaining your relevance as a developer is challenging too. This is because technology is fast evolving and there are innovations and practices almost every day. It is not easy to keep up with the trends, but you can if you have worked on your foundation adequately.
Do research for what skills and requirements are needed to land your dream job. Add these to your cart and gradually work on them. When you’re ready attack with full force.

Who says your dream job is Impossible

There are big names that scare you. It should not. It is a dream for you, so it was for others who work there currently. A man should not think of harvesting if he has not planted. But if he has observed planting season let him wait for harvest.
Now, it is time to aim for the stars while you upgrade your skill on the side. Think of yourself as a unique developer, there are no two you on earth so what you have to offer is in you till you let it out.
You may be asking how do I reach my employer for my dream job. Well, there are several ways around it. Few are searching, getting to their website, subscribing to their newsletter, Setting up a job alert and using social media: You have to follow that company till you find a gateway. Some of these companies float opportunities on their career platform. All you need to do is prepare and be available when the trumpet calls. This takes me to the last point.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheels, Leverage on Platforms

As a developer, you have many platforms that can help you find what you want. You can get it on a platter of gold. The problem is making your way through the ocean of information.

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