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Make sound volume presets for your chromecasts

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Sometimes, I tell to Google “Up the volume”, or “Down the volume” on one or several chromecast devices. But the next day, when I want to listen music again, the volume of each device does not match with my mood. I would love to reset all the volumes in few secondes, but I have to open the home application, and reset each device… Boring… With chromecast-reset-volume I can now configure some presets to autoreset the volumes as it was previously: reset all in one cli command :)

What do you need

  • 1 raspberry pi with python3
  • chromecasts… (of course)

Get source files and install it

$ git clone
$ make install

Configure it!

Open the and customize your presets. For example:

    'default': {
       '': 0.5,
       'tv': 0.4,
       'room': 0.1

You can write the chromecast name or its ip address (ip address will be faster).

Let’s the magic does the magic :)

$ make apply

And all your configured chromecasts volumes will be setted :)

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