Guys, have any hobby?

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I would like to know if some of you are learning something new, have any cool hobby, or a second job that you like doing ^^
I'm mostly a developer but also work as Ui designer, and i use my free time to write, which i have been doing for a long time ๐Ÿ˜…, also listen to music and write down some critics to the album i click ^^

And lately i have been learning french, i really like the language and would like to write on it too


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I like that kind of question because sometimes it seems like there is no life beyond the code. hahaha I've started learning French in this quarantine period as well. โœŒ I always wanted to learn a new language and I felt in love with French. But since last year Iยดm taking violin classes, just for fun (but it would be great if I were a good violinist someday โœจ).


I hope you improve a lot on it! Et bonne chance!


That's good! Lastly, I focused make project and release my mini album. I have some single song too, but recently I wanna build my career on Data Scientist.

But, I have on progress project. I'm a server on canteen. So, all of them like my hobbies, interest, and my dream is different.


Sounds great, What genre is your album?


I play on Hip Hop, Rap. But, the quality is not good. Cause, I did it alone. And that time, my skill on mixing and mastering was terrible

Well,that can be fixe easily.... by improving and doing =D


First of all: what do you write?

In this lockdown I'm focusing on gardening, it really helps me to "unplug" from my desk job. And I also play bass, nothing to serious, just as a personal hobby.

Saludos desde Argentina!


I have a literature group on telegram, i post poems from time to time and writing some stories - books, i hope i can get them published some day ๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…


I've been doing exercise and reading some light books :D



I have a garden including 20+ different plants. It feels good when I see butterflies and bees coming around.