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Googley eyes, Clippy's story after retirement and 60 floppy's - videos with a tenuous link to tech! [I was bored]

My fiancé is out, I am still working at 8:30pm but a video came onto YouTube on autoplay that just made me smile and got me back into work mode after a slump as it was just so silly yet clever (the third video here).

As some of you may also be bored or working (too much) I thought a little distraction may be welcomed!

Don't worry I won't be posting stuff like this and cluttering your feed very often, it is just a little side post to hopefully spread a little joy and get those batteries recharged to keep you motivated!

Plus as an added bonus it is a nice way for you all to see how much of a weirdo I am 🤣

If you have any videos that are equally entertaining with a tenuous link to tech...share them in the comments!

warning: some of these videos have flashes in them that may affect people with Epilepsy or other seizure conditions / photosensitivity conditions. Especially avoid the video under the "Light Show Genius" section.

Lets start with one you are likely to have stumbled across

The floppotron.

For young whipper snappers - we used to have floppy disks (that were hard...stupid naming in tech isn't a new thing!), with a total capacity of 1.44 megabytes (which was HUGE at the time).

Here you can find dozens (5 dozen to be precise) of them and their drives used to create music!

As with anything in tech you should stress test your creation, so it is only fitting I present you with "Through the Fire and the Flames" on the floppotron, the ultimate stress test!

Check out the floppotron website, the workings behind floppotron are impressive!

While we are on the theme of music with random devices

Ok so the floppotron is a masterpiece...but if you want something that is silly as well as impressive you have to check out device orchestra

I promised you googley eyes...but I bet you weren't expecting them on a toothbrush!

Check out these two silly videos! (I had to include them both as the "Jack Sparrow" toothbrush with eye makeup is beyond perfect).

And I am a big fan of Imagine Dragons so I had to include this one as well!

What was it you were saying about Clippy?

Some of you may have never heard of Clippy, but he was a little character that Microsoft had in Word that was their "help" section.

If you don't know about Clippy here is the wikipedia entry to bring you up to speed.

For those of you who do remember Clippy, this video for Delta Heavy's "Ghost" is designed for you and is another masterpiece!

And Delta Heavy have one of the most beautiful videos I have ever seen

The story told in this video is just beautiful.

I won't spoil that story for you (I had to watch it a couple of times to grasp everything at play) but the 8 bit style video is beautifully designed.

I tried for hours to replicate the style with no success, just a testament to the talent of the artists who created it.

Oh and although it isn't my normal taste in music, the tune is very catchy too!

And yes, I know this one doesn't have a link to tech (except that it is a music video presented as a video game...I did say tenuous links didn’t I?), it is just too impressive to not share it though. It is your own fault for reading my sh*t post ad expecting any kind of coherent thought!

A light show genius

There isn't much to say here, trying to compute the amount of work that goes into this lightshow on somebodies house is just too difficult for my meagre brain to comprehend!

I will let the work speak for itself!

Seizure warning

Finally can I introduce you to Captain Disillusion!

This is more for the people here who like to fiddle with video production and rendering.

I still consider it tech as there is a surprising amount of math and coding involved.

Plus, this is a gem of a channel even if you don't partake in video production as you learn loads about how things are faked.

To make the link a little less tenuous - here is a long video analysing how the visual effects were done in "Flight of the Navigator" - one of the greatest films ever made (possibly..."hu hu"😋)

Perhaps save this one for when you don't have anything to do, when I first watched it I couldn't do anything else it was that interesting.

And a bonus video

For any of you who enjoy gaming, just watch what is coming next from Nvidia!


You expect a conclusion? They are silly / entertaining videos (in my opinion), what is there to conclude? I can conclude that this post took 30 minutes to write, so my "5 minute break" wasn't quite as expected 😋

Anyway don't forget to give this a ❤ and a 🦄 while I get back to work.


Leave a comment for the algo, even if it just to say how pointless this post was 😋 (although preferably with some silly videos to add to the playlist!)

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GrahamTheDev • Edited

Oh you stuck around to the end? OK here is one last video for you!

Oh and "Clippy for president" is something I support!