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My experience with Flutter

Google has just released version 1.0 of their native app development framework called Flutter.

I've always been a fan of mobile apps, during my career I participated in many projects where I created apps for different companies from scratch.

Pisapia con la palla a spicchi lancia la app dei 120 playground di Milano

In most cases I have always used web technologies like Angular / React, Css and Html and then with the help of frameworks like Apache Cordova or Phonegap you could make an hybrid app. The problem with this type of approach is that often the look & feel and the usability are affected heavily, especially with less powerful devices.

Then Facebook arrived with React Native and Microsoft with Xamarin.
Both with the same promise, allow the developer to use the same code on Android, IOS and Windows Phone (RIP).

The major supporter of React Native AirBnb in the course of 2018 announced the farewell to the Facebook home framework for several reasons including bugs and various problems.

Also in 2018 Google announces the release of the first version of Flutter in Beta. Alibaba immediately sees the potential of the new framework and adopts it for the development of a 50 million user app.

I have personally created 2 apps using Flutter, currently they are in the Android store. The learning curve is fast because it always adopts a component logic like it happens with React or Angular even if they call it Widget

The programming language it uses is Dart, object oriented so for those coming from Java or C# it is simpler. They have also introduced ready-to-use UI components that integrate the guidelines of Material Design and Cupertino, which speeds up development. The documentation is still to be improved but they are on track.

Exchange Flutter

Social Dev

To keep you updated I recommend you follow their official channel on Youtube where they publish videos under the title of Boring Flutter Development Show.

Below I leave the links of the 2 projects that I shared on Github:

Keep calm and code!

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salcidogrijalva profile image
Salcido Grijalva

It's been a while since you posted this article but do you still use Flutter? Have you changed your opinion about it? I started learning Flutter and I can't stop, I find it really easy and fun to use it.

grandemayta profile image
Gabriel Mayta

Hi Salcido,

Flutter reached the stable version, now you can find more materials about this technology. I don't change my opinion. Check this video:

Keep calm and code!

kris profile image

Thanks for sharing your experience on flutter development. Will help the beginners can the wholesome view of the flutter app development ecosystem. Simply love the projects and thanks for sharing the repos. However, I do believe that UI can be improved. You can definitely draw inspiration from some of the amazing and powerful flutter templates out there with delivers in terms of modern screens and functionalities.

asif_iqubal01 profile image
Asif Iqubal

Thanks for sharing for your experience ,

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