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7 great libraries for React

1: usehooks-ts

usehooks-ts is a great React Hook library that has saved me countless times. It's only 4.12kB minzipped.

npm i usehooks-ts

2: Mantine

Mantine is a fully featured React component library - it saves time for designing/prototyping your UI.

3: SWR

SWR (stale–while–revalidate) is a data fetching library. It’s hook–based, only 4.2kB minzipped, and developed by Vercel.

npm i swr

4: Final Form

Only 8.9kB minzipped, Final Form is the best way to build forms in react.

`npm i final-form react-final-form

5: TanStack React

TanStack React offers several versatile options for Charts, Tables, Routing, Data Querying, and more.

6: Expo

Build Cross-platform mobile apps with react

7: Remotion

Generate videos programmatically with React.

Thanks for reading!

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naucode profile image
Al - Naucode

Great article, you got my follow, keep writing!

alinp25 profile image
Alin Pisica

I never really understood why one would pick the usehooks-ts. Yes, it's awesome. Yes, using the open-source code as inspiration is awesome, I got myself going over the repo every once in a while a year ago or so... But most of the hooks require less than 5 minutes to implement. And i find very limited situations where the hooks, as they come, could be used without requiring additional implementations.

gravy59 profile image

Mainly I don't have to keep implementing them - the code is already there

mrgmd profile image
Ghulam Mohiuddin

We will be using Mantine in our final-year project. It is such a great library and saves you a lot of time. One issue you will face is that there are so helpful resources available on the web for Mantine. So debugging will be critical if you run into any issue.

lukeecart profile image
Luke Cartwright • Edited

Thank you for sharing Mantine, I've never seen this before. It's looks very Tailwind like

kevindev71 profile image
Kevin Dev

Great article.... but why Final Form and no react-hook-form?

kumarkalyan profile image
Kumar Kalyan

Great Article @gravy59

musman0741 profile image
Muhammad Usman

Great, thank you for sharing