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86 Days of code

Gregory Sequeira
・1 min read

Hello Community!

Recently I read about the #100DaysOfCode Challenge and it excited me. Lately I have lost touch of coding due to several reasons (busy getting AWS certified). Now, I wish to get back on the coding horse. I have been developing back-end server applications for a financial company for the past couple of years(in Java). No other experience apart from it. 2.5 years experience in the industry, still a junior ~.~ .

I have taken up core java topics and will be coding them apart from a few classics(sudoku solver,etc). But that's the end of my creativity.

Can the great community help me with topics for my 86 days Of Code challenge(Java topics only, an AWS idea will be fine too).

PS. 86 Days of Code + 14 days rest in between. Honoring the Sabbath :D

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Leonora Der

Hi, there! :) I have a (small) collection of projects you could work on! :)
Check them out here:

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Gregory Sequeira Author

Looks interesting. Thanks. Surely will try some/all of them :D

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Gregory Sequeira Author

I never knew this existed. Thanks!