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Gregory Witek
Gregory Witek

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What does an Engineering Manager do?

In this video I'm talking abouet engineering management - who is an engineering manager? What does an engineering manager do? Do engineering managers write code? After a short walk around Amsterdam I'm going to tell you about different hats that engineering managers need to wear depending on kind of a company they work for.

In the video I mention article by Pat Kua that I highly recommend: 📝

If one day you want to become an engineering mananger you might be interested in following books:

📚 Leading Snowflakes by Oren Ellenbogen -

📚 The Manager's Path by Camille Fournier -

📚Management 3.0 bu Jurgen Appelo -

🎥 Video timeline 🎥

0:00 Intro and walk around Amsterdam

2:00 4 hats engineering managers wear

5:09 What does it mean to manage people

9:25 Where is the engineering in engineering manager?

12:04 Outro

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