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Learning With Video Games

I just recently finished Service Workies by Dave Geddes. It is a video game style tutorial that teaches the player how to use Service Workers. It's not simply the gamification of learning, but an actual game with engaging graphics, music and story.

Service Workies Screen

The concept is based on the idea that expertise is attained when you repeatedly do something. Video games are a good example of this and he uses those techniques to solidify concepts and drill in practice. Although I'm not really a gamer, I find this style of tutorials to be really creative and fun!

Dave Geddes also have "courses" on Flexbox and CSS Grid. Both Flexbox Zombies and Service Workies are free to play where Grid Critters cost about $99 at the time of writing this.

After a quick look around, I've found a few other games in the same vein:

Flexbox Froggie
Grid Garden
CSS Diner
VIM Adventures

What's your experience with these type of games? Do you think they are an effective way of learning?

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