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What is Cloud-Native Computing and How CNCF Contributes to Industry

Cloud computing has become the leading method for scaling up workloads and growing businesses at a steady rate. It allows companies to build and run scalable applications in dynamic environments known as clouds.
Cloud technologies allow integration of multiple systems, offering a new platform designed to enable easy management and detailed reporting. With an emphasis on automation, these services allow engineers to make huge changes quickly and effectively. The Cloud-Native Computing Foundation or CNFC is making a push to create an open-source system that allows all users to access new technologies and improve their platforms.

The Importance of Cloud Computing

Scaling up and growing a business requires expanding servers and other technologies designed to handle large amounts of data. However, with ultra-high internet speeds and massive amounts of data generated by websites, extracting the right data can take a long time and a lot of money.
That’s why more and more businesses choose to migrate their websites, data analytics, and other business details onto cloud services. These services are designed to allow fast data analytics and results with automation features designed to speed things up.
The process of migrating data to cloud services provides all kinds of benefits that can help you make better business decisions in the future. Here’s a quick overview of the things you’ll get by using cloud technologies:

  • Access to new markets, customer base, and previously untargeted areas;
  • The ability to deliver more value to your customers by understanding their needs better;
  • The means to directly influence your customer’s behavior;

However, even though cloud services improve resilience and allow better scalability, you need the right management to enjoy the benefits listed above. You have to start small and scale the application up as the need presents itself. Companies such as Twitter and Google both used this method to scale their operations globally and find the right management solutions to keep everything going.

The thing is - cloud technologies are only as useful and beneficial as the managers behind them. If your company doesn’t have the right technologies, training methods, and management needs, you won’t be able to get the most out of this new technology. You must make sure that all internal systems work together, and only then will you be able to scale up your cloud services.

CNCF Making The Transition Much Smoother

As mentioned, making the switch from traditional systems to cloud services can be a difficult, time-consuming task that depends on the volume of the data. You have to tune your entire system with the new, modern distributed system environments that can help you scale things up almost indefinitely.
That’s where CNCF can help you a lot. Its primary goal is to allow merging multiple projects in one native cloud space, such as orchestration services, containers, microservices, etc. These services are then moved to one cloud, allowing seamless integration with current IT solutions already in use. As a result, the migration process becomes much faster and easier to manage.
CNCF offers a set of comprehensive solutions that include features such as container runtime, container orchestration & networking, service development, and management. In other words, it allows full integration with tools such as Kubernetes, CNI, OpenTracing, Prometheus, gRPC, and many others. CNCF can help you to get in tune with the new technologies faster, speeding up the transition from classic systems to cloud services.

The Benefits of Using CNCF

Most major CSPs are already a part of CNCF. They are working together to create new standards for the latest cloud-native technologies and implement them into their CSP platforms. They are working hard to make the integration process as simple as possible, allowing other businesses and enterprises to make the switch to the cloud standard without too much hassle. In other words, CNCF allows direct upgrades and migration to cloud services much more comfortable than it ever was.
Since all major cloud service providers are already a part of the CNCF open standards, companies can use these new technologies to speed up the cloud-merging process and get constant updates with new cloud technologies in the future.
Some cloud-native technologies, including containers, service mash, orchestration, etc., are already available as different services that are provided by various clouds. With a pay-as-you-go model, you can scale your business whenever the need arises.
The entire process allows enterprises to try out new ideas and methods to improve growth by developing new applications all within the cloud itself. You won’t have to invest in new ideas and setups since it’s an open-source type of deal. If your ideas turn out to be useful, the cloud will validate them, allowing you to scale to new applications without changing your existing systems. That is only possible because the entire application is built within the cloud.
By coupling CNCF and CSPs, the real potential of cloud computing technologies will become apparent. It will allow large enterprises to improve sales, drive growth, and create more stable systems within this new dynamic environment called cloud computing.

Changing The Way We Create Software Solutions Forever

Like it or not, the need for cloud services is growing steadily during the past few years. With new technologies reaching the market, and vast amounts of data needed to scale any business and promote growth in the online environment, CNCF will make things much faster and more manageable.
By offering an open-source software stack where companies can work together to improve existing systems and develop new technologies that promote efficiency, enterprises will increase their reach and income without spending massive amounts of money on potential software solutions.
The bottom line is that CNCF allows the industry’s top developers, users, and vendors to put their knowledge together and create new technologies designed to promote growth and scaling much easier than ever before in human history.

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