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Does Github Pages Support User-Generated Content?

I am thinking of creating a meme sharing site and the possibility of creating profiles of users was cut of after I discovered that Github Pages didn't support data base editing like traditional web hosts.
So I turned to the idea of letting users submit their content (images in this case) anonymously (or with a one-time username).

Is it possible to have user generated content hosted on Github Pages without me having to upload each image for them?


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Jean-Guillaume Buret

Just something you should have in mind: gh-pages are limited in size.

I've been thinking doing an experimental application using gh-pages as storage layer for some time now. Like you, the authentication became an issue.
One solution I found though is to force your users to connect by providing a GH token (rather than some email password) that would be stored as cookie 🍪 in their browser (don't save it anywhere else!).
After, to alter the state of your application, you should commit changes using their token. But yeah, any data will be public.

Hope that helps

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I also just found out that you can use as for authentication. It worked quite well!

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