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Startpages can be a handy way to make your browser look the part and have certain functionalities that aren't quite available in a classic startpage, such as Firefox's home page.

What motivated me to work on my own was a community over at reddit (r/startpages) which are actively making their own startpages and sharing them to be used by other people.

Well, I'm proud to say that I've made three of these and you can find them in my Github repository, you can use them as extensions too!

Here's what they look like:
Alt Text
Alt Text
Alt Text

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Thomas Leon Highbaugh

Startpages are a great way to build upon existing skills in a way that you tend to benefit from and so its easy to realize the full benefit of one's growing prowess. <--- my startpage which is in Next.js and is stripped heavily down to my needs but was a blast to write.

Good article and love browsing that sub-reddit myself

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grtcdr • Edited

Hey! I'm sorry as I never got around to check out what people had to say.
I agree, a small project like making a startpage motivated me to dive into web development, it can bring out people's creativity just as much as bigger projects.
I appreciate the feedback, cheers.
Edit: Great startpage, love the pattern and the layout!