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Just launched our iSmartLife on Product Hunt!

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The main idea is to provide maximum information about products that somehow improve our life. This is not an unboxing of purchases or a presentation of a novelty, but practical and useful products.

Below I will give brief information on the new functionality.

Anyone can add a product, just register. Need to add up to 6 photos taken personally, enter the title, general information, and characteristics. After that, there are 3 forms in which you need to answer 3 questions. Imagine that you meet a friend and he says that he bought a great product that helps him a lot. You ask him 3 questions. Why this product? What did this product help improve in life? How this product used? The answers to these questions are very helpful in determining how useful the product is for you. After answering these questions, it remains only to tell where you bought it, there is a separate field for this.

Any user can expand information on already added products. There are 3 sections for this. Helpful information, helpful resources, and comments. Users can also vote on the product. If the product gets negative votes, it will be excluded.

There are quite a lot of good products, and everyone has products in case of loss of which you will buy them again. Please share information about such useful products.

Thank you for reading to the end)

Happy to hear your feedback and answer your questions

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