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Java Script Game Codes 10+ The Best javascript games code

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5: 50+ CSS grid template

1.My first attempt at coding a game using html, css and jQuery. It's pretty random as far as games go and I know canvas is likely a far better choice here but I just wanted to see if I could pull it off. Anyway... enjoy it! :)

2.2048 game

3.Tower building game. Place blocks by clicking, tapping, or space barring.

4.A simple platform game engine, the map is customizable and scriptable. Refer to the comments in the "map" variable for instructions.

I plan to expand the engine in the future, the ability to use images for tiles and the player is one thing that I have in mind. Any suggestions are welcome.

5.Html5 Game

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6.See if you can solve this classic Rubik's puzzle game made in three.js.

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7.Save this little guy from this (not so evil) wolf. It starts very slowly, but don't be fooled, you probably can't stand the speed.

8.This is a basic snake game made with JavaScript for logic and CSS for rendering. Use the arrow keys or WASD to control the snake. You can loop through walls.

9.KIll The Birds

10.Add the numbers 1 through 9 into the grid (only use 1 of each number) so the calculations work out and equal the numbers off the grid.

Note, BIDMAS/PIMDAS is ignored: A + B × C is the same as (A + B) × C, working left to right, top to bottom.

Hint: a good place to start is look for lines where the answer is a semi-prime with a multiplication sign (one of the factors has to be on the side with one space)

11.Edited: Added some hover animations on the eye and overall, and changed the name to Doortem!

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Usman Khalil

Crazy stuff. I'm working myself creating 10 games in JavaScript but this one is way out of league. Kudos!

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Jorge Madson

Awesome games!