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10+ Radio Button CSS style Examples

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30+ Radio Button CSS style Examples

1.Try selecting all three options! 😉 Feel free to share this little form with new clients! 😅

The classic iron triangle was recently shared with me in a chat and I figured I'd put together a little form component for it.

Instead of wiping only one option it resets, so you could in theory extend the component to work as a multi option radio button 👍


2.Tired of boring ole' radio buttons? Why take a peek at this wondrous mystique.

Brought to you by the Hamburger Network.

3.It only takes 2 seconds to make a selection.


5.Radio Button List with mouse hover moving marker on css3

6.Simple CSS radio button to list and pick from a set amount of color options.

7.Styled radio buttons that still allows for keyboard input (at least in Chrome).

8.A range-click slider with a sliding dot indicator, labels, validity-conditional styling, and NO JS. Works 100% on JS-restricted sites.

9.Custom radio button style using only CSS (SCSS) by taking advantage of sibling selectors and the: checked pseudo-class.


11.pure css option with native radio and checkbox


13. Sticky Radio Button

Enjoy this flat and simple styling of radio button in only vanilla CSS :)

14.Completely CSS: Custom checkboxes, radio buttons, and select boxes

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30+ Radio Button CSS style Examples


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sbittis profile image
Sebastian Bittis

Nice examples! 👍
I think the key learning in radio button design is that it doesn't need to look like a classic radio button. It always needs to fit its purpose (shown in 8 or 10). If a classic radio button is the best fit, microinteractions help the user to understand what happens and to follow the workflow.

mo7ammedsharaki profile image
mohammed sharaki

very nice