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Remote Workers: What's Your Daily Routine?

Curious if anyone else has habits or systems in place that help get them centered and stay productive during the day, here's mine:

  • Very Early (6:00am): Get up, writing & side project work
  • Early Morning (7:00am): Get ready, breakfast, walk dogs
  • Start Work Day (8:30am): Check email, github, project management tools, sketch out plan for the day. Say good morning to teammates
  • if(Monday && 10:00am): Weekly planning video call.
  • if(Friday && 9:00am): Weekly Coffee Cowork session.
  • else Working / Coding
  • Lunch (12:00pm)
  • More Work (1:00pm)
  • Afternoon break/more dog walks (2:30pm)
  • Final email check of the day (3:00pm)
  • Finish up work(3:15pm)
  • Shut off work laptop, leave home office, shut door (~5:00pm)
  • if(Monday || Wednesday || Friday && 5:30pm) Hit the gym.
  • else Chill.

What's yours?

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Yuri Mednikov

Hello, Glenn. That's a good topic, as my detailed schedule heavily depends on projects, I am working on, but the basic scheme is following:

  • Wake up with sunrise, typically about 6:00-7:00
  • Go for 30-45min run
  • Work for 2h
  • Have at least 1h language practice on Italki (currently I learn Turkish)
  • Work for 2h again
  • Learn tech stuff for 2h (currently I study for Cisco CCNP)
  • Final 2h block of work

As you can note, I don't spend 6h in a row working, and prefer to mix it with something else to keep myself fresh and focusing on tasks. Also I often change workplace - I work from coworking space or home mostly, but sometimes I can work from a local park - if it is a good weather - using mobile hotspot:)

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Nimmo • Edited

My routine at the moment tends to be:

  • [Whenever] Wake up naturally - alarms are the worst
  • Shower, breakfast, go to my desk
  • [Whenever + time taken for showering and breakfast] Start work
  • [1PM] Break for lunch - I found that when I didn't set a specific time to break for lunch, I didn't do it.
  • [2PM] Work until whatever time feels "right"

I would say "I wish I was one of those people that can get out of bed at 4am", but that would be a complete lie. πŸ˜„

Making a conscious effort to never set an alarm has had such a huge positive impact for me personally that I really can't imagine changing that willingly any time soon.

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Russ Hammett
  • If Monday or Thursday Wake up @ 04:00 - 04:30 (depending on if I can get my butt outta bed for an early morning workout. off to work at 05:00. Work on site til 3, pick up babby from pre-k, home. Make dinner, play with kid, potentially go to sleep at 8-9, or stay up late and play video games.
  • Any other day of the week (sometimes weekends depending on what I wanna get done) - depending on if I was up late playing video games or watching movies, my normal wake up may or may not be changing from the 04:30. If I need some extra sleep, I'll take it. Start work around 5 or 6 from work from home days, when babby wakes up, get him ready, drive him to pre-k, work and wrap up around 3 or 4:30, make dinner, play with babby, games/movies/bed.
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Don Denoncourt
  • 7 Read novel in Italian (started teaching myself Italian 8 years ago when I was 52)
  • 8 Post a textual standup in Slack (which has what I plan on doing) and update Harvest billing with yesterdays work
  • 10 Quick walk with the doys and quiet conversion with wife.
  • 12 Gym (where I read tech) or Unicycle (where I listen to tech)
  • 4 Get the mail with the dogs (its a 1/4 mile driveway)
  • 6 Be interrupted with a delicious home cooked meal

  • 8-10PM somewhat relaxed knowledge acquisition or writing tech.

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  • Wake up at 6 AM
  • Start working at 6:30 AM
  • Stop working at 7 PM and go to read a book or just chill out
  • Between the start & stop of work, I get a bit of food and ton of coffee
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Manasi Vora

I try to schedule most meetings in the afternoon, at least the daily stand-ups. And, I like your coffee-cowork idea.