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Glenn Stovall
Glenn Stovall

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What Platform Do You Use For Blogging, and Why?

Hey All, curious what platforms you are using for writing now, and why? I'm researching some options for future projects and would love to hear what everyone else is using.

I'll Start:
My personal site, is hosted on WordPress. Mostly because it has been for years and I haven't carved out time to move to something else. I also syndicate content here on and on Medium.

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Melvin Vivas

I currently use Ghost for my blog However, I plan to move change it to a new arch - CMS(haven't chosen which)+Gatsby so I can have my entire blog served as static files.

I suggest you try Gatsby It doesn't have a built-in CMS though like Wordpress. I tried Netlify CMS and for me, it is good enough for blogging.

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Glenn Stovall Author • Edited on

I've been trying out Gatsby for projects at work and I'm enjoying it so far. Also exploring Contentful or Prismic as potential headless CMS options.

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Sagar Giri • Edited on

I use pelican to build my website. I've integrated the build and deploy workflow in Travis ci. Build automation script is done by fabric library. And I use for hosting.

Everything is 100% free.

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Shannon Crabill

Similar story here. My personal site is on a Wordpress self-host instance. I cross-post any posts there to

I'd like to move to static site generator like Jekyll or Gatsby. I would like to have more control over the layout, etc without having to worry too much about logging into my host, database, stuff, etc.

It's on my to-do list 😬

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Nguyen Kim Son

I use (it's really fast).

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Alan Solitar

I Use Wordpress because of all the plugins.

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Leonardo Faria

Wordpress since 2005 -

Like you, I post there and here. Moving is not my priority as well, but Hugo looks cool.

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Glenn Stovall Author

Wow, you built a whole static site generator in a gulpfile? That's awesome!

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You can also post your articles on steemit, thats a good platform where everybody could earn crypto