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My last week in Tech

This is the first article - of I hope many -, about tech findings in Berlin, which is increasingly growing on this branch, and making the city grow with it (for good and bad), the new Silicon Allee.
(The good being that of course I get to go to all this wonderful events and meet people who are working on very interesting projects, the bad, well... gentrification and all that).

So, before I get lost in my thoughts about Berlin: the events of last week!


After work I went to a Meetup called "Attracting and Retaining Women in IT" organized by the very nice recruitment team of DarwinRecruitment. This is the first event I attend of women in Tech, something I had been wanting to do for years but somehow hadn't had the opportunity to do.

The first talk was particularly helpful, because some of the Women Coders communities in Berlin were listed.... and of course I already registered as a Student and Mentor in a couple of them. (Though I hope I find time to really do it).

These are some of the coding communities where women and other under-represented minorities in tech can get mentorship to start or become better at coding. #wecancodeit Let us go, ladies.

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Last week a colleague of mine, in a session we host privately at work called Creative Exchange, shared one of his hobbies: he designs and prints 3-D hand prothesis! They can later be donated or bought through the e-nable website.

These are the ways in which any of us can participate.

alt text

I felt very motivated by this project. We can really change the world and help people with technology, even if we sometimes get lost in more frugal aspects of it.

This is a low cost 3D printed prothesis that a colleague of mine made to send people that don't have access to high end medical prosthetics, mostly people in zones with landmine problems that were once on war. Amazing example of the many ways in which we can help make a better world with technology today.

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The next post will be about a meetup about Angular, Electron and Old Synthesizers and about the Festival of Vintage Computing, that will take place this weekend at the Deutsches Technikmuseum Berlin.

If you know about any interesting events happening around here, please tell me about them in the comments!!!

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Ben Halpern

Looks like fun!