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Cloudy- a storage service to store your files & folders

Overview of My Submission

Cloudy is a storage service that allows users to store their files & folders faster and securely. At Cloudy users can create folders and store their files smoothly. Cloudy is superfast at uploading your files, a user can upload multiple files at a time & It will take a very less amount of time compared to other services because of the Appwrite storage service.

Submission Category:

  • Web2 Wizards

Link to Code

Repo Link-


  • Superfast file uploading(multiple files included)

  • Support file extensions- .jpg, .png, .gif, .txt, .pdf

  • Easy File Preview

  • File Download

  • File Link Copy

  • File & folder Delete(right click on a file or folder to delete)


  • NextJS

  • Appwrite

  • Firebase

  • Material-UI

We are already using Appwrite, then Firebase


We are using Appwrite's Login, SignIn & Storage services but for Database we preferred Firebase. The reason for choosing Firebase is the lack amount of support from Appwrite's database service, we have nested fields like the array of objects or deeply nested objects in our documents but Appwrite doesn't support these complex data structures. I opened a comment in the discussion thread regarding the problem, check it out here - comment

Additional resources and info


  • Dashboard page


  • Click on folder Icon(right side) for a new folder


  • Files + Folders


  • Click on a file for preview

  • File Details


  • Delete file & folder(click right button on a file or folder)



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