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Felix Razykov
Felix Razykov

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What is your way of rendering the UI parts based on Feature Toggle/Flag in React Apps?

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Orlando Brown • Edited

Hi, there are multiple ways to go about this, in my experience I ended up progressing in this order.

  • using configs : though this can grow out of control and requires re-deployments
  • using a service like : great for small projects that can pay for it self and has an amazing real time experience, but can become costly over time as your user base grows
  • run your own service like : I use this for all my projects now, requires a little bit of setup, especially around strategies and how best to persist and update toggles but worth the effort.

Hope you find this useful.

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Ivar Conradi Østhus

Hi, I am the author of Unleash. Awesome to hear you are using Unleash and find it useful!

I would like to point out that we also have a hosted SaaS offering of Unleash now, with additional functionality. In particular we have added a proxy option for dealing with frontend apps.