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The Cake Mix Metaphor for Frameworks

A great video was brought to my attention on Twitter recently. It's a lightning talk by @CristinGorman that she gave at JavaZone in 2011.

The title is

Hibernate should be to programmers what cake mixes are to bakers: beneath their dignity.

which is pretty punchy.

Hibernate, for those of you lucky enough to never have used it, is a 'library' for interacting with relational databases in Java.

It reminded me of my own rant

And I wish I'd seen it a long time ago. The cake mix metaphor is outstanding - it expresses exactly what I've been trying to say about frameworks. But better, because it's baking.

Something to chew on...

Image credit: The Gathering of the Manna, by The Master of The Gathering of the Manna.

If you're ever feeling under appreciated, consider that even those of us who can produce artworks that last over five centuries have become anonymous...

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Oh my goodness,

That video is soo good.