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Tech fields that do not require coding

N.B: You must be an amazing reader and a good thinker.
(Don't get scared, you can still be in the tech field without writing those codes you feel are boring)

  1. UX/UI Designer: As amazing as front end/back end developers are, companies hire professionals to think from the users perspective, you'll be responsible for designing user interfaces, understand how the end user relate with features and product. This field is tasking and you will actually need a lot of design skills to be perfect.

  2. Software Quality Tester: Companies don’t launch apps or features without testing first; either automated or manually. As much as automated testing is good/faster, that end user feeling and experience is needed and amazing people fill this role. You get to give advice and recommend improvements💪

  3. SEO analyzer/specialist: No matter how amazing a product(website/app) is, it’s useless if people don’t get to use it. Don’t confuse this field with marketing, although you’ll think like one, the difference is that you’ll think with the programmers also and make researches 👌

  4. Data Analyst: An amazing level of mathematical computation, Statistics & analytical skill is required to fill this position, you’ll need to be the master of various Data processing apps. Trust me, your results at times could determine where the company is headed. 💪 Knowledge of Python of R is required for some core data analysis, but then, you can be good at making use of the softwares. The same way I won't actually call Matlab programming.

  5. Project/Program Manager: This isn’t actually the same as Program is higher than Project. You’ll need to tailor yourself to a particular field, you know you are not writing codes, but you should know why you want your developers to use GraphQL and not REST, why Angular not React. You’ll read a lot and understand tech terms, this role pays more than programming fields most times, although a lot of companies require you have a Degree in CS, you can take Nano degree courses and be perfect for the role.

This list could be updated later, here a link to the twitter thread.

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