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I Wrote This Article In The Terminal

This article was written with my new tool devto, a CLI for creating new articles, and posting them to It's dead simple, and probably a little rough around the edges.

Prior Art

This tool was heavily inspired by Tim Deschryver who wrote this article about a VS Code extension called New Blog Post. If you use VS Code, check it out!

If you're interested in using the CLI app you can install it globally at @hagnerd/devto, or run it with npx @hagnerd/devto.

Once installed it will be globally available with devto new.

The following commands are available:

  1. devto new - creates a new article with frontmatter.
  2. devto publish - pushes the article up to your account*
  3. devto dashboard - just a quick alias to open in the browser. Great if you want to push a draft up, and make changes or preview it.
  4. devto reset - deletes your global ~/.devto file (which stores your API key)

* I haven't tested it with orgs so if someone that is part of an org tries it
out and the cli doesn't behave correctly, let me know!

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