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Haider Ali Punjabi
Haider Ali Punjabi

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Friendly reminder: String.replaceAll is only supported on 83.7% of devices

I just found out after one of my friends couldn't access my NextJS web app. Finished my free trial of BrowserStack on it.

Can I Use replaceAll ?

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Maciej Trzciński 🌱🇵🇱 • Edited

You can use RegExp with replace, all browsers support:

const searchRegExp = new RegExp('\\+', 'g'); 
const result = '5+2+1'.replace(searchRegExp, '-');
console.log(result) // 5-2-1
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Fawaz Ahmed

yeah, i faced the same problem few days back, ended up using replace with g flag

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Haider Ali Punjabi

Hmm I used the .split().join() method