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Halldor Stefansson
Halldor Stefansson

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Building your career development

We all get moments of doubts. I’m living one of those moments these days, and all these questions start to creep to the surface.

  • Is this worth my time?
  • Am I focusing on the right things?
  • Is this the correct path?
  • Do I want to do this now and/or in the future?

And finding the answers to these questions can be hard.

I recently read an article called Finding Your Niche as a Developer by Nick Shoup.

Shoup talks about being a T-shaped developer/person. To have some base knowledge/skills in many areas but have a deep understanding of one. I completely agree with this approach.

By blogging, I aim to gain general knowledge of different subjects and then direct my attention to the thing(s) I find most interesting.

I’m still working on obtaining general knowledge, but I haven’t come across an area that I want to immerse myself into entirely. However, it’s possible that once I decide to dive into a specific topic, I might develop a thing for it.

So, I’ve been wondering. Should I change things up? Maybe put all of my eggs in one basket.. well, almost all of them.. for around six months, focus on one subject and see how that turns out? And if I don’t like it by then, I’d just move on to the next one.

Maybe I’m just a little bit impatient.. might need to listen to a few Gary Vee episodes to shake that off.

How do you approach career development?

Thanks for reading.

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