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Tips and Actions to Build your Network

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I just recently watched a YouTube video from Noah Kagan called "How to Build a Million Dollar Network?".
It appealed to me since building a network is something I've recently started thinking more about.

What I love about Noah is that he gives action steps on how to do something.
And in this post, I want to follow one of his action and share with you the notes I took from that video.

Some of the actions might not be possible at this moment in time, but you'll definitely find something you can act on today.

Ask interesting friends for referrals

Be specific:

  • In what city/school/company?
  • Gender/personal specification
  • Category/niche
  • Whatever else


  • "I'm in London for a month, who is the one person you hang out with when you come to London?"
  • "Who is the most amazing person from city/school/company/category/niche that I should have lunch with?"

Reach out to one impressive/up-and-coming person weekly

  • Start building the relationship early on

Do exciting stuff (and people might come to you)

  1. Start a blog/YouTube/newsletter
  2. Publish once a week for at least 90 days

Make an intentional list of people you want to connect with:

A. Who has a career you like?
B. Who's working on something you're curious about?
C. Who's working in an exciting company?

Take notes on podcasts/YouTube/webinars/posts and put online

  • Send the notes to the creator and let them know (without expecting anything back)

Financially support someone

A. Buy their stuff (Products, books, courses, etc.)
B. Support their charity

Add value to someone without expectations

A. Create something for them
B. Look at how they are spending their time (and assist them)
C. Compliment without expectations

Keep a list of cool people in cities

  • Then contact them when you're in that city

Organize an online event

  1. Identify someone you want to connect with
  2. Make it worth it for them to sign up
  3. Promote and make a great event

Join online communities

  1. Pick one of your passions
  2. Find 3 online groups
  3. Post and engage at least once a week for 90 days

Hope you found this useful, have a great week!

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