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Hamza Nouali
Hamza Nouali

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Dark Mode vs Light Mode with Tailwind CSS only.

Hi everyone, I built these components using Tailwind CSS framework only, I put the source code here for anyone interested.

Live Demo: click here
Source Code on Github: click here
Follow Me: click here

I am thinking about writing articles here or making videos on YouTube about building Front-End using Tailwind CSS only, what do you think? does it worth?

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Adam Crockett 🌀

Hiya good job but the dark modes contrast is not high enough to be accessible. I would lighten the text by atleast 20%

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Alex Martin

Hi Hamza,

Nice components, thanks for sharing!

Regarding the contrast of your dark ones, I want to share a good tool which helped me figure out good practices to design with accessibility in mind:

A good rule of thumb is to aim for these targets when you choose your colours:

  • 3 or more for big text
  • 4.5 or more for small/medium text

That should make your components even more readable and eye-soothing in the dark 👌


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Anton Melnyk

You know that "dark" theme is not just about inverting colors, right?

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Hamza Nouali

I think it's about making the website easy to browse in a dark room.

Sloan, the sloth mascot
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Hamza Nouali

Welcome to Tailwind CSS :p.