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Manage your life task with GitHub


Many things happen in life. Sometimes nothing happens, and we are bored.

Why don't you create a life repository to "To Create Issue for now" to move forward in the direction you want as much as possible?

This article describes my efforts to make my life as stress-free as possible using GitHub, which I am sure many developers use.

Many task management and blogging services are available, but I assume you are engineers here. So, I suggest that you use GitHub, which you are probably familiar with, for task management and blogging. All of the services introduced here are free of charge, so please look at them until the end.

There are many things to do in my life. I tried to handle it on GitHub, and it was good.

GitHub project board

Create a life repository on GitHub

Then, create an issue from a life repository, like below.

  • To renew a lease agreement.
  • Dental treatment
  • Open an investment account.

Register daily tasks as Issues and list them on the project board to do them.

I've been operating it for almost a year already, and the key points that have kept it going are.

Because I use this service for my work, I can manage it with the same operation, so I don't have to switch my brain on how to operate it.

That is one of the main reasons I recommend GitHub as a task management tool for engineers outside of development.

Just as in typical software development, let's register more and more issues that you want to realize or improve.

Unlike a general TODO list, as you may know, We can write issue descriptions in markdown, milestones can create, and we can create on the project board, etc.

It is very functional. You should be able to use these features right now without learning new operations because we're using them all the time in our work.

For example:

  • You can create a project called "house moving," create an Issue of things to do, write down the procedures and other details, and manage them in the Kanban section.
  • Set up an Issue of the book to read, and then once you read it, you can leave a comment on your Issue notes.

Like that, you can imagine a use case.

The point is to register more than TODOs.
Tasks too simple, such as shopping, are not enough to be an issue, so I use Microsoft To-Do for the TODO list that I share with my wife.
I think you will know what is suitable after operating it for a while.

We can divide complex tasks using a task list.
This function is also handy, and I use it often.


Commit to today's events and daily emotions!

Since the above life repository has successfully managed issues, I have also started keeping a diary. Here are some of them.

There is a Github repository called "TIL" (Today I Learned) to make small outputs a habit; think of it as a diary version.

GitHub is also straightforward to use in point for writing a diary. Photos are an essential part of a diary, aren't they?

See below.

movei2When editing GitHub source code in a browser, I noticed that I could directly upload images by drag and drop if the code was markdown. Also, Since May 2021, we can upload .mp4 and .mov.

The scalability of blogging on GitHub is the best of any service.


  • Image URLs are instead of relative paths to image files, so they can be easily transferred when publishing to other media such as DEV.
    • Note that the URL of is published on the web even in private repositories.
  • If you write Front Matter, you can create a site anytime with Gatsby, Jekyll, etc.

I write Front Matter like this.

title: GitHubで人生を管理する
description: 人生はいろんなことが起こります。なにも起こらなくて退屈な時もあります。
少しでも自分の望む方向に進めるために「とりあえずIssue立てるか」というレポジトリ life を作ってみてはいかがですか?
author: hand-dot
layout: post
date : 2021-12-17T12:04
category: 雑記
    - ブログ
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This article was also written on GitHub and copied and pasted for posting.

If you are not satisfied with GitHub's online editor, don't worry, you can open VS Code by pressing the '.' key on the repository.
That is useful if you need to do batch replacements, etc.
github dev


Many things happen in life. Sometimes nothing happens, and we are bored.

Why don't you create a life repository to "To Create Issue for now" to move forward in the direction you want as much as possible?

That was a unique way to use GitHub.
If you are an engineer, you will be able to use it well.

Thank you for reading to the end.

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