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React vs Angular

  • many people ask to me which JavaScript framework can i learn first or which framework is easy then other or which framework should i learn.

What is React? πŸ€”

So React is a technically a JavaScript library for building user interfaces.

using react we can make single page web application.

  • Developed by Facebook

requmintent to learning React

you only need to learn React is JavaScript. first you need to master in javascript, es6, arrow function, array method, map and set.

if know this skill then you are ready to go.

What is Angular? πŸ˜•

Angular is JavaScript Framework and it's help us to make morden web application. you can also make a single page application using Angular.

  • Developed by Google.

Requmintent to learn Angular

Angular is a type-script based Web framework to learn Angular you need to master typeScript. typeScript is super set of javaScript and typescript made by microsoft.
to learn Angular you need to learn type-script must.

let's compare React vs Angular

if you are a beginner and just learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript. then Answere is simple. REACT - Wait i tell you way.

And if you are a intermediate level Developer or you have some experience of javascript or you learn web developet last 6 months. then try once Angular.

is Learn React is too Hard 😰

NO, learn React is so easy if you JavaScript Fundaments is clear.
in React You have to understand the fundaments like props, hooks, state etc. then you understand react so easy and use react is fun😁.

is Learn Angular is too Hard 😭

yes if you are a beginner if you unfamiliar with typescript and you don't know the fundaments of JavaScipt then React and Angular both is hard for you.

My opition

i talk to many developer and all said that start with React and once you under-stand react then move to angular

JOB πŸ‘¨β€πŸ’»

when the deviate goes to Jobs section then i say it's depended, search for which framework most use in your area, then focus on this. i also say that learn both because which framework you next working on no one knows.

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Ishan Tiwari

Who says that learning react is easy.

The philosophy of react is well. It just cars about the view focus just state an props. Do everything else yourself.

Angular on the other hand provides you with everything you need to create a website.

Remember web frameworks are not made to learn they are made to create websites. Need flexibility go with react. Need structure and rigidity go with Angular

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Hari Om Singh

i just say both are good if you need angular use angluar and if you need react use react

and one thing for you kind information see many survey and i talk to other developers all said that react is easer then angular

so for noobs first learn react and then go to angular

and one thing you mention that web fremeworks are not made to learn, i think you don't know this - first learn than made something
when you made something using angular first you learn Angular and the made some
do not use the sentence - "not made to learn "

in tech every thing made for learn


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Ishan Tiwari

I mean that the developers behind any framework or library are not school teachers preparing exam papers for students. Oh! this is hard. Oh! this is way too easy, lol.
Consider a framework x and framework y. Framework x has no learning curve but it develops scrap. Framework y has a very steep learning curve but it develops nice applications, quick and high performant. Obviously the crowd will be attracted towards framework y.
The learning curve is of least importance compared to performance, accessibility, quickness. Even If something is hard it does'nt mean that people will not learn it.
You should have better discussed the performance and readibility of the apps produced by react and angular. Which is better for which type of apps. You should have done some lighthouse inspection of the same kind of app built with both react and angular. To see which is nice you did not do this instead you are telling people about the learning curve.

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