How I could be updated in web programming (JavaScript, css, php and html)

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Hi everybody This quarantine give the possibility to stop and make me think about what I want to my life to my family
I have some technologies project but I Haven’t started really good anyone.
And I take that time to reflect about that.
I don’t have the possibility to stop before for a lot of things and now I’m learning web design.
But I have a simple question which one could be the order for the languages mention above and how may I be updated


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I always recomend SoloLearn, once you have done the course, of maybe you don't want to, but, the mobile app has a "duel" feature that allows you to stay fresh and continuously learning. It do not take more than 3 minutes to do a duel, so i usually play up to 2 or 3 duels a day, i started programming js 14 years ago, i'm still learning every day.


I recommend FreeCodeCamp.org since it takes you through the steps in the right order.