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Back-end Developers RoadMap❤

Roadmap for Back-End Developers💕


  1. How does the internet work?
  2. What is HTTP?
  3. Browsers and how they work?
  4. DNS and how it works?
  5. What is Domain Name?
  6. What is hosting?

Basic Front-end Knowledge

  1. HTML
  2. CSS
  3. JavaScript

OS and General Knowledge

  1. Terminal usage
  2. How OSs work in general
  3. Process Mgt.
  4. Threads & concurrency
  5. Basic terminal commands
  6. Memory mgt.
  7. Interprocess comm.
  8. I/O mgt.
  9. POSIX basics
  10. Basic networking concepts

Learn a Language

Make sure to learn it fast and clear. Core details about its runtime e.g concurrency, memory model etc.

  1. Java
  2. Python
  3. PHP
  4. C#
  5. Javascript
  6. Ruby
  7. Rust
  8. Go

Version Control System

  1. Basic usage of Git
  2. Repo hosting services
    I. GitHub
    II. Gitlab
    III. Bitbucket

    Relational Databases

  3. MySQL

  4. PostgreSQL

  5. MariaDB

  6. MS SQL

  7. Oracle

NoSQL Databases

  1. MongoDB
  2. RethinkDB
  3. CouchDB
  4. DynamoDB

More About Databases

  1. ORMs
  2. ACID
  3. Transactions
  4. N+1 Problem
  5. Data Replication
  6. Sharding Strategies
  7. CAP Theorem
  8. Database Normalisation
  9. Indexes and how they work

Learn About APIs

  1. REST
  2. JSON APIs
  4. Open API Spec and Swagger
  5. Authentication
  6. GraphQL


  1. CDN
  2. Server-side I. Redis II. Memcached
  3. Client-side

Web Security Knowledge

  1. Hashing Algorithm
    • MD5 and why not to use it
    • SHA Family
    • Scrypt
    • Bcrypt
  2. HTTPS
  3. Content Security Policy
  4. CORS
  5. SSL/TLS
  6. OWASP Security Risk


  1. Integration Testing
  2. Unit Testing
  3. Functional Testing


  1. Jenkins
  2. GitLab
  3. CircleCI
  4. Bamboo
  5. TeamCity
  6. Travis CI
  7. Buddy

Design and Development Principles

  1. SOLID
  2. KISS
  3. YAGNI
  4. DRY
  5. GOF Design Patterns
  6. Domain-Driven Design
  7. Test-Driven Development

Architectural Patterns

  1. Monolithic
  2. Microservices
  3. SOA
  4. CQRS and Event Sourcing
  5. Serverless

Message Brokers

  1. RabbitMQ
  2. Kafka


  1. Docker
  2. rkt
  3. LXC

Web Servers

  1. Nginx
  2. Apache
  3. Caddy
  4. MS IIS

Building For Scale

  1. Migration Strategies
  2. Horizontal vs Vertical Scaling

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mdhesari profile image
Mohammad Fazel

The one who knows all of these concepts and has these knowledge is not any more considered to be a back dev it is called devops engineer I suppose...

ozzythegiant profile image
Oziel Perez

Was about to say that. As soon as I saw sharding, database replication, docker, and cloud computing, it seemed more like devops. I would say that makes back end developers more versatile but those things should be optional

ashiqcseworld profile image
Ashiqur Rahman

You got this from a twitter thread. You should give credit to the actual author.

abinash393 profile image
Abinash Panda

samueljoly profile image
samuel-joly • Edited

There is a repo where Back-end Front-end and DevOps roadmap are shown with a graph

picwellwisher12pk profile image
Amir Hameed


tominekan profile image
Tomi Adenekan

Could you please put some links as a helpful reference, thanks. ☺

bawa_geek profile image
Lakh Bawa

if backend developer has to know all of these technologies, I doubt if any backend developer exists in this world :)

ekanadily profile image
Esam A Kanadily

some of these things are beginner ,others are mid or advanced. some of those things are considered niche / specialization . in some of the categories you need to know at least one of them (e.g. programming languages) , in others you need to know all of them (e.g. Architectural Patterns ).

andrewbaisden profile image
Andrew Baisden