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Learn ML from blogs

As a person, I prefer blogs over videos every time and I feel there might be many people like me. I am currently learning Machine Learning from various online sources and paid courses, I feel like sharing everything I learn through blogs.

I am starting a Machine Learning course through blogs. It's free of cost. Now comes what I had done in ML, I myself am learning ML right now(you cant completely learn anything in technology or a language), I was among top ten finalists in techgig's ML hackathon(was unable to participate in finals due main semester exams). Now, why should you choose my blogs over any other learning website?

  1. It's free of cost.
  2. I am trying to cover a vast syllabus. (a little bit of data analytics too)
  3. You will get everything in one place i.e maths part of ML, Python prerequisites for ML, and of course ML.
  4. I will be writing blogs for making projects too step by step.

The overview of the curriculum for maths and python (Would update with detailed one soon)

  1. Python - keywords, variables, data types, operators, loops, data structures(list, tuple, set, dictionary, strings), functions, modules, packages, file handling, exception handling, Numpy, matplotlib

  2. Maths - 3d plot, binary search, histogram, distribution, mean, median, vectors, dot product, projection, basic figures, probability, statistics, binomial distribution, variance, creation, K-S test, MNIST data set, PCA.

I will be posting blogs on dev and my site both. (will put the topic number in every blog to arrange the content).

My website

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dejikadri profile image

Would be nice to list some blogs that you have found useful in your ML journey.

dcruz22 profile image
Dariel Cruz Hernandez

That sounds really interesting. I thought you were going to list the blogs you were using to learn ML

harshitaramchandani profile image
Harshita Ramchandani

Thank you