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My Awesome Collections of 200+ github repo

Hello Developers , we all spends our lots of time while searching for best library , framework , beginners learning resources.In this post i will share my repos collections with you.

I have collected this repos while learning dozens of programming language and lots of frameworks.

All are here

GitHub logo merry75 / educative.io_courses

this is downloadings of all free student subscription courses as pdf from GitHub student pack


this is downloadings of all free student subscription courses

GitHub logo hazelcast / hazelcast

Open Source Streaming Data Platform


Slack GitHub javadoc Docker pulls Total Alerts Code Quality: Java Quality Gate Status

Hazelcast is a distributed in-memory data store and computation platform that's fault tolerant and easy to scale up or down.

As an in-memory data store, Hazelcast gives you faster access to your data by storing it in memory. With more accessible data, you can leverage Hazelcast to process huge amounts of real-time events or static datasets with consistently low latency.

To help you take advantage of all these features, Hazelcast comes with the following built-in data structures:

  • a distributed, partitioned and queryable in-memory key-value store implementation, called IMap
  • additional data structures and simple messaging constructs such as Set, MultiMap, Queue, Topic
  • cluster-wide unique ID generator, called FlakeIdGenerator
  • a distributed, CRDT based counter, called PNCounter
  • a cardinality estimator based on HyperLogLog.

Also, Hazelcast includes a production-ready Raft implementation which allows implementation of linearizable constructs such as:

  • a distributed and reentrant lock implementation, called FencedLock
  • primitives for…

GitHub logo redis / redis

Redis is an in-memory database that persists on disk. The data model is key-value, but many different kind of values are supported: Strings, Lists, Sets, Sorted Sets, Hashes, Streams, HyperLogLogs, Bitmaps.

This README is just a fast quick start document. You can find more detailed documentation at

What is Redis?

Redis is often referred to as a data structures server. What this means is that Redis provides access to mutable data structures via a set of commands, which are sent using a server-client model with TCP sockets and a simple protocol. So different processes can query and modify the same data structures in a shared way.

Data structures implemented into Redis have a few special properties:

  • Redis cares to store them on disk, even if they are always served and modified into the server memory. This means that Redis is fast, but that it is also non-volatile.
  • The implementation of data structures emphasizes memory efficiency, so data structures inside Redis will likely use less memory compared to the same data structure modelled using a high-level programming language.
  • Redis offers…

GitHub logo react-syntax-highlighter / react-syntax-highlighter

syntax highlighting component for react with prismjs or highlightjs ast using inline styles

React Syntax Highlighter

Actions Status npm

Syntax highlighting component for React using the seriously super amazing lowlight and refractor by wooorm

Check out a small demo here and see the component in action highlighting the generated test code here.

For React Native you can use react-native-syntax-highlighter


npm install react-syntax-highlighter --save

Why This One?

There are other syntax highlighters for React out there so why use this one? The biggest reason is that all the others rely on triggering calls in componentDidMount and componentDidUpdate to highlight the code block and then insert it in the render function using dangerouslySetInnerHTML or just manually altering the DOM with native javascript. This utilizes a syntax tree to dynamically build the virtual dom which allows for updating only the changing DOM instead of completely overwriting it on any change, and because of this it is also using more idiomatic React and allows the use of pure…

GitHub logo PaulLeCam / react-leaflet

React components for Leaflet maps

GitHub logo Leaflet / Leaflet

🍃 JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps


Leaflet is the leading open-source JavaScript library for mobile-friendly interactive maps Weighing just about 39 KB of gzipped JS plus 4 KB of gzipped CSS code, it has all the mapping features most developers ever need.

Leaflet is designed with simplicity, performance and usability in mind It works efficiently across all major desktop and mobile platforms out of the box taking advantage of HTML5 and CSS3 on modern browsers while being accessible on older ones too. It can be extended with a huge amount of plugins, has a beautiful, easy to use and well-documented API and a simple, readable source code that is a joy to contribute to.

For more info, docs and tutorials, check out the official website.
For Leaflet downloads (including the built master version), check out the download page.

We're happy to meet new contributors If you want to get involved with…

GitHub logo feross / simple-peer

📡 Simple WebRTC video, voice, and data channels

simple-peer ci coveralls npm downloads javascript style guide javascript style guide

Simple WebRTC video, voice, and data channels


  • concise, node.js style API for WebRTC
  • works in node and the browser!
  • supports video/voice streams
  • supports data channel
  • supports advanced options like

This package is used by WebTorrent and many others.


npm install simple-peer

This package works in the browser with browserify. If you do not use a bundler, you can use the simplepeer.min.js standalone script directly in a <script> tag. This exports a SimplePeer constructor on window. Wherever you see Peer in the examples below, substitute that with SimplePeer.


GitHub logo vercel / commerce

Next.js Commerce

Deploy with Vercel

Next.js Commerce

The all-in-one starter kit for high-performance e-commerce sites. With a few clicks, Next.js developers can clone, deploy and fully customize their own store Start right now at

Demo live at:


  • Performant by default
  • SEO Ready
  • Internationalization
  • Responsive
  • UI Components
  • Theming
  • Standardized Data Hooks
  • Integrations - Integrate seamlessly with the most common ecommerce platforms.
  • Dark Mode Support


Next.js Commerce integrates out-of-the-box with BigCommerce and Shopify. We plan to support all major ecommerce backends.


  • framework/commerce contains all types, helpers and functions to be used as base to build a new provider.
  • Providers live under framework's root folder and they will extend Next.js Commerce types and functionality (framework/commerce).
  • We have a Features API to ensure feature parity between the UI and the Provider. The UI should update accordingly and no…

GitHub logo pion / webrtc

Pure Go implementation of the WebRTC API

Pion WebRTC
Pion WebRTC

A pure Go implementation of the WebRTC API

Pion webrtc Sourcegraph Widget Slack Widget Twitter Widget
Build Status PkgGoDev Coverage Status Go Report Card Codacy Badge License: MIT

New Release

Pion WebRTC v3.0.0 has been released! See the release notes to learn about new features and breaking changes.

If you aren't able to upgrade yet check the tags for the latest v2 release.

We would love your feedback! Please create GitHub issues or join the Slack channel to follow development and speak with the maintainers.


Go Modules are mandatory for using Pion WebRTC. So make sure you set export GO111MODULE=on, and explicitly specify /v2 or /v3 when importing.

example applications contains code samples of common things people build with Pion WebRTC.

example-webrtc-applications contains more full featured examples that use 3rd party libraries.

awesome-pion contains projects that have used Pion, and serve as real world examples of usage.

GoDoc is an auto generated API reference. All our Public APIs are commented.

FAQ has answers to common questions…

GitHub logo golang / lint

[mirror] This is a linter for Go source code. (deprecated)

NOTE: Golint is deprecated and frozen There's no drop-in replacement for it, but tools such as Staticcheck and go vet should be used instead.

Golint is a linter for Go source code.

Go Reference Build Status


Golint requires a supported release of Go.

go get -u

To find out where golint was installed you can run go list -f {{.Target}} For golint to be used globally add that directory to the $PATH environment setting.


Invoke golint with one or more filenames, directories, or packages named by its import path. Golint uses the same import path syntax as the go command and therefore also supports relative import paths like ./.... Additionally the ... wildcard can be used as suffix on relative and absolute file paths to recurse into them.

The output of this tool is a list of suggestions in Vim quickfix format which is accepted by…

GitHub logo vuejs / vue-next

🖖 Vue.js is a progressive, incrementally-adoptable JavaScript framework for building UI on the web.

vue-next npm build status

This is the repository for Vue 3.0.


  • Via CDN: <script src=""></script>

  • In-browser playground on Codepen

  • Scaffold via Vite:

    # npm
    npm init @vitejs/app
    # yarn
    yarn create @vitejs/app
    # select vue template
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  • Scaffold via vue-cli:

    npm install -g @vue/cli # OR yarn global add @vue/cli
    vue create hello-vue3
    # select vue 3 preset
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Changes from Vue 2

Please consult the Migration Guide.

Also note: Vue 3 does not support IE11 (RFC | Discussion).

Supporting Libraries

All of our official libraries and tools now support Vue 3, but most of them are still in beta status and distributed under the next dist tag on NPM. We are planning to stabilize and switch all projects to use the latest dist tag in early 2021.


As of v4.5.0, vue-cli now provides built-in option to choose Vue 3 preset when creating a new project. You…

GitHub logo kivy / kivy

Open source UI framework written in Python, running on Windows, Linux, macOS, Android and iOS


Innovative user interfaces made easy.

Kivy is an open source, cross-platform Python framework for the development of applications that make use of innovative multi-touch user interfaces The aim is to allow for quick and easy interaction design and rapid prototyping whilst making your code reusable and deployable.

Kivy is written in Python and Cython, based on OpenGL ES 2, supports various input devices and has an extensive widget library. With the same codebase, you can target Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS. All Kivy widgets are built with multitouch support.

Kivy is MIT licensed, actively developed by a great community and is supported by many projects managed by the Kivy Organization.

Bountysource Backers on Open Collective Sponsors on Open Collective

Coverage Status Windows Unittests Status Ubuntu Unittests Status OSX Unittests Status Windows wheels Status Manylinux wheels Status Raspberry Pi wheels Status OSX wheels Status

Installation, Documentation and Examples

Extensive installation instructions as well as tutorials and general documentation, including an API reference, can be found at A PDF version is also available.

Kivy ships with many examples which…

GitHub logo twintproject / twint

An advanced Twitter scraping & OSINT tool written in Python that doesn't use Twitter's API, allowing you to scrape a user's followers, following, Tweets and more while evading most API limitations.

TWINT - Twitter Intelligence Tool

2 3

PyPI Build Status Python 3.6|3.7|3.8 GitHub license Downloads Downloads Patreon

No authentication. No API. No limits.

Twint is an advanced Twitter scraping tool written in Python that allows for scraping Tweets from Twitter profiles without using Twitter's API.

Twint utilizes Twitter's search operators to let you scrape Tweets from specific users, scrape Tweets relating to certain topics, hashtags & trends, or sort out sensitive information from Tweets like e-mail and phone numbers. I find this very useful, and you can get really creative with it too.

Twint also makes special queries to Twitter allowing you to also scrape a Twitter user's followers, Tweets a user has liked, and who they follow without any authentication, API, Selenium, or browser emulation.

tl;dr Benefits

Some of the benefits of using Twint vs Twitter API:

  • Can fetch almost all Tweets (Twitter API limits to last 3200 Tweets only);
  • Fast initial setup;
  • Can be used anonymously and without Twitter sign…

GitHub logo dylang / shortid

Short id generator. Url-friendly. Non-predictable. Cluster-compatible.

shortid Build Status shortid

Amazingly short non-sequential url-friendly unique id generator.

shortid is deprecated, because the architecture is unsafe. we instead recommend Nano ID, which has the advantage of also being significantly faster than shortid

ShortId creates amazingly short non-sequential url-friendly unique ids. Perfect for url shorteners, MongoDB and Redis ids, and any other id users might see.

  • By default 7-14 url-friendly characters: A-Z, a-z, 0-9, _-
  • Supports cluster (automatically), custom seeds, custom alphabet.
  • Can generate any number of ids without duplicates, even millions per day.
  • Perfect for games, especially if you are concerned about cheating so you don't want an easily guessable id.
  • Apps can be restarted any number of times without any chance of repeating an id.
  • Popular replacement for Mongo ID/Mongoose ID.
  • Works in Node, io.js, and web browsers.
  • Includes Mocha tests.

ShortId does not generate cryptographically secure ids, so don't rely on it to make…

GitHub logo razorpay / razorpay-node

Razorpay node.js bindings

Razorpay Node SDK

npm Build Status

Official nodejs library for Razorpay API.

Read up here for getting started and understanding the payment flow with Razorpay:


npm i razorpay
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Documentation of Razorpay's API and their usage is available at

Basic Usage

Instantiate the razorpay instance with key_id & key_secret. You can obtain the keys from the dashboard app (

var instance = new Razorpay({
  key_id: 'YOUR_KEY_ID',
  key_secret: 'YOUR_KEY_SECRET',
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The resources can be accessed via the instance. All the methods invocations follows the namespaced signature

// API signature
// {razorpayInstance}.{resourceName}.{methodName}(resourceId [, params])

// example
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Every resource method returns a promise.

    from: '2016-08-01',
    to: '2016-08-20',
  .then(response => {
    // handle success
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GitHub logo rust-lang / rustlings

🦀 Small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code!

All Contributors

rustlings 🦀❤️

Greetings and welcome to rustlings. This project contains small exercises to get you used to reading and writing Rust code. This includes reading and responding to compiler messages!

...looking for the old, web-based version of Rustlings? Try here

Alternatively, for a first-time Rust learner, there are several other resources:

  • The Book - The most comprehensive resource for learning Rust, but a bit theoretical sometimes. You will be using this along with Rustlings!
  • Rust By Example - Learn Rust by solving little exercises! It's almost like rustlings, but online

Getting Started

Note: If you're on MacOS, make sure you've installed Xcode and its developer tools by typing xcode-select --install.

You will need to have Rust installed. You can get it by visiting This'll also install Cargo, Rust's package/project manager.


Just run:

curl -L | bash
# Or if you want it
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GitHub logo sdmg15 / Best-websites-a-programmer-should-visit

🔗 Some useful websites for programmers.


Build Status


Some useful websites for programmers.

When learning CS, there are some useful sites you must know to get always informed to do your technologies even better and learn new things. Here is a non-exhaustive list of some sites you should visit. This list will get updated as soon as I can get another link, but you can also contribute by adding those you know 😉

Note : Chinese Version


GitHub logo gatsbyjs / gatsby

Build blazing fast, modern apps and websites with React


Gatsby v3

⚛️ 📄 🚀

Fast in every way that matters

Gatsby is a free and open source framework based on React that helps developers build blazing fast websites and apps

Gatsby is released under the MIT license. Current CircleCI build status. Current npm package version. Downloads per month on npm. Total downloads on npm. PRs welcome! Follow @GatsbyJS

Quickstart · Tutorial · Plugins · Starters · Showcase · Contribute
Support: Twitter, Discussions & Discord

Gatsby is a modern web framework for blazing fast websites.

  • Go Beyond Static Websites. Get all the benefits of static websites with none of the limitations. Gatsby sites are fully functional React apps, so you can create high-quality dynamic web apps, from blogs to e-commerce sites to user dashboards.

  • Use a Modern Stack for Every Site. No matter where the data comes from, Gatsby sites are built using React and GraphQL. Build a uniform workflow for you and your team, regardless of whether the data is coming from the same backend.

  • Load Data From Anywhere. Gatsby pulls in data from any data…

GitHub logo trimstray / the-book-of-secret-knowledge

A collection of inspiring lists, manuals, cheatsheets, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools and more.


"Knowledge is powerful, be careful how you use it!"

A collection of inspiring lists, manuals, cheatsheets, blogs, hacks, one-liners, cli/web tools, and more.

Pull Requests MIT License

Created by trimstray and contributors

📔  What is it?

This repository is a collection of various materials and tools that I use every day in my work. It contains a lot of useful information gathered in one piece. It is an invaluable source of knowledge for me that I often look back on.

🚻  For whom?

For everyone, really. Here everyone can find their favourite tastes. But to be perfectly honest, it is aimed towards System and Network administrators, DevOps, Pentesters, and Security Researchers.

ℹ️  Contributing

If you find something which doesn't make sense, or something doesn't seem right, please make a pull request and please add valid and well-reasoned explanations about your changes or comments.

A few simple rules for this project:

  • inviting and…

GitHub logo donnemartin / system-design-primer

Learn how to design large-scale systems. Prep for the system design interview. Includes Anki flashcards.

English日本語简体中文繁體中文 | العَرَبِيَّة‎বাংলাPortuguês do BrasilDeutschελληνικάעבריתItaliano한국어فارسیPolskiрусский языкEspañolภาษาไทยTürkçetiếng ViệtFrançais | Add Translation

Help translate this guide!

The System Design Primer


Learn how to design large-scale systems.

Prep for the system design interview.

Learn how to design large-scale systems

Learning how to design scalable systems will help you become a better engineer.

System design is a broad topic. There is a vast amount of resources scattered throughout the web on system design principles.

This repo is an organized collection of resources to help you learn how to build systems at scale.

Learn from the open source community

This is a continually updated, open source project.

Contributions are welcome!

Prep for the system design interview

In addition…

GitHub logo AlexxNB / tinro

Highly declarative, tiny, dependency free router for Svelte's web applications.


npm GitHub Workflow Status npm bundle size npm

tinro is a highly declarative, tiny), dependency free router for Svelte web applications.


  • Just one component to declare routes in your app
  • Links are just common native <a> elements
  • History API, Hash-based, or in-memory navigation
  • Simple nested routes
  • Routes with parameters (/hello/:name)
  • Redirects
  • Fallbacks on any nested level
  • Parsing query parameters (?x=42&hello=world&fruits=apple,banana,orange)
  • Manage URL's hash and query parts
  • Svelte's REPL compatible



Install tinro as a dev dependency in your Svelte project:

$ npm i -D tinro
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Getting started

tinro is very simple! It provides just one component<Route>. A common app structure looks like this:

    import {
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GitHub logo NativeScript / NativeScript

NativeScript empowers you to access native api's from JavaScript directly. Angular, Capacitor, Ionic, React, Svelte, Vue and you name it compatible.


Build Status

NativeScript empowers you to access native APIs from JavaScript directly. The framework currently provides iOS and Android runtimes for rich mobile development and can be utilized in a number of diverse use cases.

Setup and Installation


$ git clone
$ cd NativeScript
# setup workspace for development
$ npm run setup

# list all available commands to run
$ npm start
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We love you and PR's 🤗 Please follow our contributing guide and see our code of governance to become as involved as you want to be.


Quick Links

GitHub logo callstack / react-native-paper

Material Design for React Native (Android & iOS)


Material design for React Native.

Greenkeeper badge

Build Status Version MIT License All Contributors PRs Welcome Chat Sponsored by Callstack


Currently supported React Native version: >= 0.50.3

Try it out

Run the example app with Expo to see it in action.

The source code for the examples are under the /example folder.

Getting Started

Refer to the getting started guide for instructions.


Check the components and their usage in our documentation.


Read the contribution guidelines before contributing.

Figma and Sketch component kits

Use official component kits provided by Material Design.

Made with ❤️ at Callstack

react-native-paper is an open source project and will always remain free to use. If you think it's cool, please star it 🌟. Callstack is a group of React and React Native geeks, contact us at if you need any help with these or just want…

GitHub logo ionic-team / ionic-framework

A powerful cross-platform UI toolkit for building native-quality iOS, Android, and Progressive Web Apps with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Ionic Framework

Ionic Framework is the open-source mobile app development framework that makes it easy to build top quality native and progressive web apps with web technologies.

Ionic Framework is based on Web Components and comes with many significant performance, usability, and feature improvements over the past versions.


Project Package Version Links
Core @ionic/core version
Angular @ionic/angular version
Vue @ionic/vue version
React @ionic/react version

Looking for the ionic-angular package? Ionic 3 has been moved to the ionic-v3 repo. See Earlier Versions.

Getting Started

Start a new project by following our quick Getting Started guide We would love to hear from you! If you have any feedback or run into issues using our framework, please file an issue on this repository.


Thanks for your interest in contributing! Read up on our guidelines for contributing and then look through our issues with a help wanted label.

Please note…

GitHub logo apollographql / apollo-server

🌍  Spec-compliant and production ready JavaScript GraphQL server that lets you develop in a schema-first way. Built for Express, Connect, Hapi, Koa, and more.

Apollo Server

GraphQL Server for Express, Koa, Hapi, Lambda, and more.

npm version Build Status Join the community forum Read CHANGELOG

Apollo Server is a community-maintained open-source GraphQL server. It works with pretty much all Node.js HTTP server frameworks, and we're happy to take PRs to add more! Apollo Server works with any GraphQL schema built with GraphQL.js--or define a schema's type definitions using schema definition language (SDL).

Read the documentation for information on getting started and many other use cases and follow the CHANGELOG for updates.


Apollo Server is built with the following principles in mind:

  • By the community, for the community: Its development is driven by the needs of developers.
  • Simplicity: By keeping things simple, it is more secure and easier to implement and contribute.
  • Performance: It is well-tested and production-ready.

Anyone is welcome to contribute to Apollo Server, just read, take a look at the roadmap and make your first PR!


GitHub logo EbookFoundation / free-programming-books

📚 Freely available programming books

This page is available as an easy-to-read website at

List of Free Learning Resources In Many Languages Awesome


This list was originally a clone of StackOverflow - List of Freely Available Programming Books with contributions from Karan Bhangui and George Stocker.

The list was moved to GitHub by Victor Felder for collaborative updating and maintenance. It has grown to become one of GitHub's most popular repositories, with 160,000+ stars, 6000+ commits, 1600+ contributors, and 39,000+ forks.

The Free Ebook Foundation now administers the repo, a not-for-profit organization devoted to promoting the creation, distribution, archiving, and sustainability of free ebooks. Donations to the Free Ebook Foundation are tax-deductible in the US.

How To Contribute

Please read CONTRIBUTING. If you're new to GitHub, welcome!

How to Share



Other Languages

GitHub logo RafaelGoulartB / next-ecommerce

⚡ Quantum Ecommerce. Made with Next.js | GraphQL | Apollo Server | Apollo Client | SSR

Ecommerce made with Next.js

Rafael Goulart Documentation Maintenance License: MIT GitHub Pull Requests GitHub Contributors

This project was made to show a full ecommerce plataform made with Next.js and Nextjs Serverless functions to build the backend, using Apollo Server and Apollo Client to GraphQL.

English · Portuguese

The ecommerce project. Built with ❤︎ by Rafael Goulart and contributors

📌 Table of Contents

📥 Layout available at:

Direct Download

👀 Demo Website

The demo website can be missing some features, clone and run the project to a full experience.
👉 demo:

💻 Technologies

This project was made using the follow technologies:

🚀 Features

  • Authentication with Cookies Sessions.
  • Reset Password using email
  • List Products
  • Filter products by Category
  • Sort list of…

GitHub logo iamvucms / react-native-facebook-clone

Clone facebook react native (IOS - Expo CLI)

Demo (Youtube video)

Demo Doccou alpha Demo Doccou alpha


FAKEBOOK - a project clone Facebook mobile app i am doing while learning react native (IOS-EXPO CLI)


Clone my repo

git clone
cd react-native-facebook-clone
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Use the package manager npm

npm install
npm install json-server -g
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Config the variable BASE_URL in ./constants/index to your private ip example 192.168.1.x:3000

npm run dbstart
expo start 
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Pull requests are welcome. For major changes, please open an issue first to discuss what you would like to change.

Please make sure to update tests as appropriate.



GitHub logo pmndrs / zustand

🐻 Bear necessities for state management in React

Build Status Build Size Version Downloads Discord Shield

A small, fast and scaleable bearbones state-management solution. Has a comfy api based on hooks, isn't boilerplatey or opinionated, but still just enough to be explicit and flux-like.

Don't disregard it because it's cute. It has quite the claws, lots of time was spent to deal with common pitfalls, like the dreaded zombie child problem, react concurrency, and context loss between mixed renderers. It may be the one state-manager in the React space that gets all of these right.

You can try a live demo here.

npm install zustand
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First create a store

Your store is a hook! You can put anything in it: primitives, objects, functions. The set function merges state.

import create from 'zustand'
const useStore = create(set => ({
  bears: 0,
  increasePopulation: () => set(state => ({ bears: state.bears + 1
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GitHub logo supabase / supabase

The open source Firebase alternative. Follow to stay updated about our public Beta.


Supabase is an open source Firebase alternative. We're building the features of Firebase using enterprise-grade open source tools.

  • Hosted Postgres Database
  • Realtime subscriptions
  • Authentication and authorization
  • Auto-generated APIs
  • Dashboard
  • Storage
  • Functions (coming soon)


For full documentation, visit

Community & Support

  • Community Forum. Best for: help with building, discussion about database best practices.
  • GitHub Issues. Best for: bugs and errors you encounter using Supabase.
  • Email Support. Best for: problems with your database or infrastructure.


  • Alpha: We are testing Supabase with a closed set of customers
  • Public Alpha: Anyone can sign up over at But go easy on us, there are a few kinks.
  • Public Beta: Stable enough for most non-enterprise use-cases
  • Public: Production-ready

We are currently in Public Beta. Watch "releases" of this repo to get notified of major updates.

Watch this repo

How it works

Supabase is a combination of open source tools. We’re…

GitHub logo stemmlerjs / software-design-and-architecture-roadmap

🧱 The software design and architecture roadmap for any developer

The Full-Stack Software Design and Architecture Roadmap

How to learn software design and architecture

Below you'll find a big map for junior, self-taught and intermediate developers to learn more about software design and architecture.

As a JavaScript turned strictly TypeScript developer, I realized that software design was a huge topic and I felt that I wasn't getting the most out of my object-oriented TypeScript.

I made this chart to mind map my process of learning software design and architecture over the past year; sharing them here so that the community can benefit from it as well.

I wrote an article titled "How to Learn Software Design and Architecture" where I dive into more details on each part of the stack here! Check it out.

If you think that these can be improved in anyway, please do suggest.



Frame 7 2 (1)

🚦 Wrap Up

If you have an idea…

GitHub logo hasura / graphql-engine

Blazing fast, instant realtime GraphQL APIs on your DB with fine grained access control, also trigger webhooks on database events.

Hasura GraphQL Engine

Latest release Docs CircleCI

Hasura GraphQL Engine is a blazing-fast GraphQL server that gives you instant, realtime GraphQL APIs over Postgres, with webhook triggers on database events, and remote schemas for business logic.

Hasura helps you build GraphQL apps backed by Postgres or incrementally move to GraphQL for existing applications using Postgres.

Read more at and the docs.

Hasura GraphQL Engine Demo

Hasura GraphQL Engine Realtime Demo


  • Make powerful queries: Built-in filtering, pagination, pattern search, bulk insert, update, delete mutations
  • Realtime: Convert any GraphQL query to a live query by using subscriptions
  • Merge remote schemas: Access custom GraphQL schemas for business logic via a single GraphQL Engine endpoint. Read more.
  • Trigger webhooks or serverless functions: On Postgres insert/update/delete events (read more)
  • Works with existing, live databases: Point it to an existing Postgres database to instantly get a ready-to-use GraphQL API
  • Fine-grained access control: Dynamic access control that…

GitHub logo gitpod-io / website

Gitpod website and documentation

Gitpod Website

Gitpod Ready-to-Code Pull Requests Welcome

This repository contains the website hosted on as of April 8, 2021.

Gitpod removes all friction from the developer experience to be always ready-to-code and makes software engineering more collaborative, joyful, and secure.

Contributing is as easy as starting a new workspace:

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Technology stack

This website uses the following technologies:

GitHub logo sveltejs / realworld

SvelteKit implementation of the RealWorld app

RealWorld Example App

Svelte codebase containing real world examples (CRUD, auth, advanced patterns, etc) that adheres to the RealWorld spec and API.

Demo    RealWorld

This codebase was created to demonstrate a fully fledged fullstack application built with SvelteKit including CRUD operations, authentication, routing, pagination, and more.

For more information on how to this works with other frontends/backends, head over to the RealWorld repo.

Running locally

npm install
npm run dev
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...then open localhost:3000. To build and start in prod mode:

npm run build
npm run start
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GitHub logo smallbets / userbase

Create secure and private web apps using only static JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.


Create secure and private web apps using only static JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

What is Userbase?

Userbase is the easiest way to add user accounts and user data persistence to your static site. All Userbase features are accessible through a very simple JavaScript SDK, directly from the browser. No backend necessary.

Built-in user accounts

Userbase takes care of your user accounts. The Userbase SDK lets you sign up, login, and logout users directly from your static site.

Zero-management database

Instead of sending database queries to a server, Userbase sends the user's data to the browser. Queries happen client-side, and there is nothing on the backend to manage or worry about.

End-to-end encryption

Userbase encrypts all database operations in the browser with user-controlled keys. This helps you prevent personal data misuse, and lets you offer a high level of data privacy.

Open source

Userbase is 100% open source, MIT licensed…

GitHub logo rodabt / yastpack

Template for Snowpack-Svelte-Tailwind-Routify

YastPack: Yet Another Snowpack-Svelte-TailwindCss-Routify Template Pack


git clone
cd yastpack
npm install
npm run dev
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GitHub logo adrianhajdin / project_video_chat

This is a code repository for the corresponding YouTube video. In this tutorial, we're going to build and deploy a React Video Chat Application using WebRTC.

Realtime Chat Application

Video Chat


This is a code repository for the corresponding video tutorial.

In this tutorial, we're going to build and deploy a React Video Chat Application using WebRTC.


  • run npm i && npm start for both client and server side to start the development server

GitHub logo roxiness / routify

Automated Svelte routes



  • Install the Router only: npm install --save-dev @roxi/routify
  • Clone the starter template:
    • npx @roxi/routify init
    • The starter template contains a lot more than just the router, for more info see here.



Routify starter template Includes SSR, prerendering, code splitting and much more.


Starter example Example from the starter template. Refresh a page to see how it is loaded.



Please feel free to open an issue or a pull request. All feedback is welcome.

Join us on Discord

Want help? Have ideas about Routify? Chat with us on Discord.

GitHub logo 30-seconds / 30-seconds-of-code

Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs


30 seconds of code

Short JavaScript code snippets for all your development needs

  • Visit our website to view our snippet collection.
  • Use the Search page to find snippets that suit your needs. You can search by name, tag, language or using a snippet's description. Just start typing a term and see what comes up.
  • Browse the JavaScript Snippet List to see all the snippets in this project or click individual tags at the top of the same page to narrow down your search to a specific tag.
  • Click on each snippet card to view the whole snippet, including code, explanation and examples.
  • You can use the button on the right side of a snippet card to copy the code to clipboard.
  • If you like the project, give it a star. It means a lot to the people maintaining it.

Want to contribute?

  • If you want to help us improve, take…

GitHub logo shamahoque / mern-mediastream

A MERN stack based media streaming application [Full-Stack React Projects]

MERN Mediastream 2.0

A media streaming application with media upload and stream features - developed using React, Node, Express and MongoDB.

MERN Mediastream

Live Demo

What you need to run this code

  1. Node (13.12.0)
  2. NPM (6.14.4) or Yarn (1.22.4)
  3. MongoDB (4.2.0)

How to run this code

  1. Clone this repository
  2. Open command line in the cloned folder
    • To install dependencies, run npm install or yarn
    • To run the application for development, run npm run development or yarn development
  3. Open localhost:3000 in the browser

More applications built using this stack

Learn more at

Get the book

Full-Stack React Projects - Second Edition

Learn MERN stack development by building modern web apps using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js

Full-Stack React Projects

React combined with industry-tested, server-side technologies, such as Node, Express, and MongoDB, enables you…

GitHub logo alexticovschi / blogger

React Node FullStack - A Multi-User Blogging Platform with Node, React, Next.js, Express, and MongoDB.

BloggingCoder - MERN Stack APP

This is a multi-user blogging platform built with Node, React, Next.js, Express, and MongoDB.


Browse for blogs


Perform CRUD operations from admin dashboard.


Publish your own blogs. Add image, categories and tags.


Reset your password


Signup/Register to BloggingCoder


Receive activation link by email to activate your account


Activate your account


Update your own profile


Send emails to admin


Project Description

  • User Signup / Signin
  • JWT based Authentication System
  • Account Activation on User Signup
  • Role Based Authorization System
  • Perform CRUD (Create, Read, Edit or Remove Blogs) Operations from Admin Dasboard or User Dasboard
  • Admin can Add or Remove 'categories' and 'tags'
  • Advanced CRUD with Image Upload
  • Ability to Search for Blogs and Load more Blogs
  • SEO - Search Engine Optimization
  • API Development with Node Express and MongoDB
  • SSR provided by Next.js
  • Blog Author Private Contact Form
  • Multiple User Authorization System
  • Sendgrid for Sending Emails
  • Forgot Password…

GitHub logo mhatvan /

Personal website and blog written from scratch with SvelteKit and TailwindCSS.

License: MIT

Netlify Status

My personal website hosted on Netlify built with SvelteKit.

The main focus of the website is to provide value to visitors through the blog, which will contain articles about various programming topics, personal development and tool recommendations.


👤 Markus Hatvan

🤝 Contributing

Contributions, issues and feature requests are welcome!

Feel free to check the issues page.

Show your support

Give a ⭐️ if this project helped you!

Buy Me A Coffee


This project is open source and available under the MIT License.

GitHub logo tailwindlabs / headlessui

Completely unstyled, fully accessible UI components, designed to integrate beautifully with Tailwind CSS.

GitHub logo MongoEngine / mongoengine

A Python Object-Document-Mapper for working with MongoDB


Info: MongoEngine is an ORM-like layer on top of PyMongo.
Author: Harry Marr (
Maintainer: Stefan Wójcik (


MongoEngine is a Python Object-Document Mapper for working with MongoDB Documentation is available at - there is currently a tutorial, a user guide, and an API reference.

Supported MongoDB Versions

MongoEngine is currently tested against MongoDB v3.4, v3.6 and v4.0. Future versions should be supported as well, but aren't actively tested at the moment. Make sure to open an issue or submit a pull request if you experience any problems with MongoDB version > 4.0.


We recommend the use of virtualenv and of pip. You can then use python -m pip install -U mongoengine You may also have setuptools and thus you can use easy_install -U mongoengine. Another option is pipenv. You can then use …

GitHub logo mongodb / motor

Motor - the async Python driver for MongoDB and Tornado or asyncio


Info: Motor is a full-featured, non-blocking MongoDB driver for Python Tornado and asyncio applications.
Documentation: Available at
Author: A. Jesse Jiryu Davis


Motor presents a coroutine-based API for non-blocking access to MongoDB. The source is on GitHub and the docs are on ReadTheDocs.

"We use Motor in high throughput environments, processing tens of thousands of requests per second. It allows us to take full advantage of modern hardware, ensuring we utilise the entire capacity of our purchased CPUs This helps us be more efficient with computing power, compute spend and minimises the environmental impact of our infrastructure as a result."

David Mytton, Server Density

"We develop easy-to-use sensors and sensor systems with open source software to ensure every innovator, from school child to laboratory researcher, has the same opportunity to create. We integrate Motor into our software to guarantee massively scalable sensor systems for everyone."

GitHub logo GeekyAnts / NativeBase

Essential cross-platform UI components for React Native

NativeBase Financial Contributors on Open Collective Build Status npm version npm downloads


Essential cross-platform UI components for React Native

Updated docs here!

Demo Demo

Table of Content

  1. What is NativeBase?
  2. Why NativeBase?
  3. KitchenSink App
  4. Getting Started
  5. Components
  6. NativeBase for Web
  7. Compatibility Versions
  8. React Native Seed
  9. NativeBase Market
  10. Documentation
  11. Website
  12. Quick Links to NativeBase
  13. About the creators

1. What is NativeBase?

NativeBase is a sleek, ingenious and dynamic front-end framework created by passionate React Loving team at to build cross platform Android & iOS mobile apps using ready to use generic components of React Native.

2. Why NativeBase?

What is really great with NativeBase is that you can use shared UI cross-platform components, which will drastically increase your productivity. When using NativeBase, you can use any native third-party libraries out of the box.

Recommended by Microsoft

If you're looking to get started with React Native + CodePush, and are looking for an awesome starter kit, you should check out Native Starter Pro -…

GitHub logo facebook / create-react-app

Set up a modern web app by running one command.

Create React App Build Status PRs Welcome


Create React apps with no build configuration.

Create React App works on macOS, Windows, and Linux.
If something doesn’t work, please file an issue.
If you have questions or need help, please ask in GitHub Discussions.

Quick Overview

npx create-react-app my-app
cd my-app
npm start
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If you've previously installed create-react-app globally via npm install -g create-react-app, we recommend you uninstall the package using npm uninstall -g create-react-app or yarn global remove create-react-app to ensure that npx always uses the latest version.

(npx comes with npm 5.2+ and higher, see instructions for older npm versions)

Then open http://localhost:3000/ to see your app.
When you’re ready to deploy to production, create a minified bundle with npm run build.

npm start

Get Started Immediately

GitHub logo facebook / react-native

A framework for building native apps with React.

React Native

Learn once, write anywhere:
Build mobile apps with React

React Native is released under the MIT license. Current CircleCI build status. Current npm package version. PRs welcome! Follow @reactnative

Getting Started · Learn the Basics · Showcase · Contribute · Community · Support

React Native brings React's declarative UI framework to iOS and Android. With React Native, you use native UI controls and have full access to the native platform.

  • Declarative. React makes it painless to create interactive UIs. Declarative views make your code more predictable and easier to debug.
  • Component-Based. Build encapsulated components that manage their state, then compose them to make complex UIs.
  • Developer Velocity. See local changes in seconds. Changes to JavaScript code can be live reloaded without rebuilding the native app.
  • Portability. Reuse code across iOS, Android, and other platforms.

React Native is developed and supported by many companies and individual core contributors. Find out more in our ecosystem overview.


GitHub logo fastify / fastify

Fast and low overhead web framework, for Node.js

CI Package Manager CI Web SIte Known Vulnerabilities Coverage Status js-standard-style

NPM version NPM downloads Security Responsible Disclosure Discord

An efficient server implies a lower cost of the infrastructure, a better responsiveness under load and happy users How can you efficiently handle the resources of your server, knowing that you are serving the highest number of requests as possible, without sacrificing security validations and handy development?

Enter Fastify. Fastify is a web framework highly focused on providing the best developer experience with the least overhead and a powerful plugin architecture. It is inspired by Hapi and Express and as far as we know, it is one of the fastest web frameworks in town.


Node.js v10 LTS (10.16.0) or later.

Quick start

Create a folder and make it your current working directory:

mkdir my-app
cd my-app
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Generate a fastify project with npm init:

npm init fastify
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Install dependencies:

npm install
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To start the app in dev mode:

npm run dev
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For production mode:

npm start
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Under the hood…

GitHub logo moelashmawy / inventory-application

Shopping app using MERN stack

🛒   Shopping App 🛒

Built with MERN stack (MongoDB, Express, React and Node).

Shopping App, it started for The Odin Project practice Started from here curriculum The Code can be found here

⚡️⚡️⚡️   Live Demo ⚡️⚡️⚡️

📜   Table of contents

🚩   Main Features

This App was made to track the order state since the customer place it once it's shipped the seller mark it as shipped, and then the shipper mark it as delivered.

Project methodology

  • Register and signin system
    • Everyone is registered as a customer.
    • Customers can apply to be sellers. Picture
    • Shipper only created by the Admin.
    • Admins can create any other admins.
  • Product life cycle
    • A seller add a product.
    • A customer order some products, number in stock decreases.
    • The customer tracks the order's state since it's placed. Picture
    • Depends on the address the…

GitHub logo shamahoque / mern-classroom

A MERN stack based online classroom application [Full-Stack React Projects]

MERN Classroom

A simple web-based classroom application that allows instructors to add courses with lessons, while students can enroll in these courses and track their progress. - developed using React, Node, Express and MongoDB.

MERN Skeleton

Live Demo

What you need to run this code

  1. Node (13.12.0)
  2. NPM (6.14.4) or Yarn (1.22.4)
  3. MongoDB (4.2.0)

How to run this code

  1. Make sure MongoDB is running on your system
  2. Clone this repository
  3. Open command line in the cloned folder
    • To install dependencies, run npm install or yarn
    • To run the application for development, run npm run development or yarn development
  4. Open localhost:3000 in the browser

More applications built using this stack

Learn more at

Get the book

Full-Stack React Projects - Second Edition

Learn MERN stack development by building modern web apps using MongoDB, Express, React, and Node.js

Full-Stack React Projects


GitHub logo sveltejs / kit

The fastest way to build Svelte apps


SvelteKit is still in beta. Expect bugs! Read more here, and track progress towards 1.0 here.


Please see the documentation for information about getting started and developing with SvelteKit.


This monorepo uses pnpm. Install it...

npm i -g pnpm
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...then install this repo's dependencies...

pnpm i
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...then build SvelteKit and the other packages:

pnpm build
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You should now be able to run the examples by navigating to one of the directories and doing pnpm dev.

Run pnpm dev inside the packages/kit directory to continually rebuild @sveltejs/kit as you make changes to SvelteKit. Restarting the example/test apps will cause the newly built version to be used.

To use the git hooks in the repo, which will save you waiting for CI to tell you that you forgot to lint, run this:

git config core.hookspath .githooks
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For changes to be reflected in…

GitHub logo mongodb / mongo-go-driver

The Go driver for MongoDB

docs docs

MongoDB Go Driver

The MongoDB supported driver for Go.


  • Go 1.10 or higher. We aim to support the latest supported versions of go.
  • MongoDB 2.6 and higher.


The recommended way to get started using the MongoDB Go driver is by using go modules to install the dependency in your project. This can be done either by importing packages from and having the build step install the dependency or by explicitly running

go get
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When using a version of Go that does not support modules, the driver can be installed using dep by running

dep ensure -add ""
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To get started with the driver, import the mongo package and create a mongo.Client with the Connect function:

import (
ctx, cancel := context.WithTimeout(context.Background(), 
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GitHub logo sveltejs / sapper

The next small thing in web development, powered by Svelte


The next small thing in web development, powered by Svelte.

What is Sapper?

Sapper is a framework for building high-performance universal web apps. Read the guide or the introductory blog post to learn more.


Sapper's successor, SvelteKit, is currently available for use. Please see the FAQ for more details.

Get started

Clone the starter project template with degit When cloning you have to choose between rollup or webpack:

npx degit "sveltejs/sapper-template#rollup" my-app
# or: npx degit "sveltejs/sapper-template#webpack" my-app
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...then install dependencies and start the dev server...

cd my-app
npm install
npm run dev
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...and navigate to localhost:3000. To build and run in production mode:

npm run build
npm start
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Pull requests are encouraged and always welcome. Pick an issue and help us out!

To install and work on Sapper locally:

git clone
cd sapper
npm install
npm run dev
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Linking to

GitHub logo preactjs / preact

⚛️ Fast 3kB React alternative with the same modern API. Components & Virtual DOM.


Fast 3kB alternative to React with the same modern API.

All the power of Virtual DOM components, without the overhead:

  • Familiar React API & patterns: ES6 Class, hooks, and Functional Components
  • Extensive React compatibility via a simple preact/compat alias
  • Everything you need: JSX, VDOM, DevTools, HMR, SSR.
  • Highly optimized diff algorithm and seamless hydration from Server Side Rendering
  • Supports all modern browsers and IE11
  • Transparent asynchronous rendering with a pluggable scheduler
  • Instant production-grade app setup with Preact CLI

💁 More information at the Preact Website ➞

npm Preact Slack Community OpenCollective Backers OpenCollective Sponsors

coveralls gzip size brotli size

You can find some awesome libraries in the awesome-preact list 😎

Getting Started

💁 Note: You don't need ES2015 to use Preact... but give it a try!

The easiest way to get started with Preact is to install Preact CLI. This simple command-line tool wraps up the best possible tooling for you, and even keeps things like Webpack and Babel up-to-date…

GitHub logo MasterKN48 / OpenBook-E-Commerce

An e-commerce progressive web application, built with mern stack. It has features like product buy, order management by admin, payment gateway, cart, checkout and lot more.


OpenBook - A E-Commerce for Book Selling Progressive Web App


Website GitHub issues GitHub license GitHub version Open Source? Yes! Maintenance

It is an MERN ( mongodb, express, react, node) stack e-commerce app. This app includes lots of functionality like user dashboard, admin dashboard, create-product, create-category, manage order, buy books, profile management, cart , checkout with brain-tree payment gateway (sandbox) with credit card and paypal.

Tech Stack:

Generic badge Generic badge Generic badge Generic badge Generic badge

How to run locally?

1. git clone
2. cd OpenBook-E-Commerce
3. npm i
4. cd client 
5. npm i
6. cd ..
# to run server you must have .env file in root project directory
# see below .env file structure and replace with your value
7. npm run dev
# project started
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.env structure

NODE_ENV=production  # `production` or `dev`
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forthebadge forthebadge

GitHub logo mattn / go-sqlite3

sqlite3 driver for go using database/sql


GoDoc Reference GitHub Actions Financial Contributors on Open Collective codecov Go Report Card

Latest stable version is v1.14 or later not v2.

NOTE: The increase to v2 was an accident. There were no major changes or features.


sqlite3 driver conforming to the built-in database/sql interface

Supported Golang version: See .github/workflows/go.yaml

This package follows the official Golang Release Policy.



This package can be installed with the go get command:

go get

go-sqlite3 is cgo package If you want to build your app using go-sqlite3, you need gcc However, after you have built and installed go-sqlite3 with go install (which requires gcc),…

GitHub logo TheComputerM / svelte-materialify

A Material UI Design Component library for Svelte heavily inspired by vuetify.


Svelte Materialify is soon to be deprecated is favour of svelterialjs. My exams are still going on as they were postponed due to the increasing number of CoVID cases in my country.

Svelte Materialify Logo

Svelte Materialify

CI badge Downloads Downloads
License Discord

Currently In Active Development

A better Material UI design framework for Svelte with full support for light / dark themes and customisability.

This is still in development. To contribute, please read and open a PR.

There are currently more than 50+ different components are more are planned to arrive soon.


Website is located at, it is still in development.


See how to install svelte materialify for your preferred framework (svelte/sapper/routify).


For help and support questions, please join our community discord. Issues should only be used for reporting bugs and suggesting features/enhancements.


Thank you for taking the time to contribute, you should start by reading the…

GitHub logo ent / ent

An entity framework for Go

ent - An Entity Framework For Go


English | 中文 | 日本語

Simple, yet powerful entity framework for Go, that makes it easy to build and maintain applications with large data-models.

  • Schema As Code - model any database schema as Go objects.
  • Easily Traverse Any Graph - run queries, aggregations and traverse any graph structure easily.
  • Statically Typed And Explicit API - 100% statically typed and explicit API using code generation.
  • Multi Storage Driver - supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite and Gremlin.
  • Extendable - simple to extend and customize using Go templates.

Quick Installation

go get
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For proper installation using Go modules, visit website.

Docs and Support

The documentation for developing and using ent is available at:

For discussion and support, open an issue or join our channel in the gophers Slack.

Join the ent Community

Building ent would not have been possible without the collective…

GitHub logo gofiber / fiber

⚡️ Express inspired web framework written in Go


Fiber is an Express inspired web framework built on top of Fasthttp, the fastest HTTP engine for Go. Designed to ease things up for fast development with zero memory allocation and performance in mind

⚡️ Quickstart

package main

import ""

func main() {
    app := fiber.New()

    app.Get("/", func(c *fiber.Ctx) error {
        return c.SendString("Hello, World 👋!")

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🤖 Benchmarks

These tests are performed by TechEmpower and Go Web. If you want to see all results, please visit our Wiki.

⚙️ Installation

Make sure you have Go installed (download). Version 1.14 or higher is required.

Initialize your project by creating a folder and then running go mod init (learn more) inside the folder. Then install Fiber with…

GitHub logo gorilla / securecookie

Package gorilla/securecookie encodes and decodes authenticated and optionally encrypted cookie values for Go web applications.


GoDoc Build Status Sourcegraph

securecookie encodes and decodes authenticated and optionally encrypted cookie values.

Secure cookies can't be forged, because their values are validated using HMAC When encrypted, the content is also inaccessible to malicious eyes. It is still recommended that sensitive data not be stored in cookies, and that HTTPS be used to prevent cookie replay attacks.


To use it, first create a new SecureCookie instance:

// Hash keys should be at least 32 bytes long
var hashKey = []byte("very-secret")
// Block keys should be 16 bytes (AES-128) or 32 bytes (AES-256) long.
// Shorter keys may weaken the encryption used.
var blockKey = []byte("a-lot-secret")
var s = securecookie.New(hashKey, blockKey)
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The hashKey is required, used to authenticate the cookie value using HMAC. It is recommended to use a key with 32 or 64 bytes.

The blockKey…

GitHub logo gomodule / redigo

Go client for Redis


Build Status GoDoc

Redigo is a Go client for the Redis database.




Install Redigo using the "go get" command:

go get

The Go distribution is Redigo's only dependency.

Related Projects




Redigo is available under the Apache License, Version 2.0.

GitHub logo boj / redistore

A session store backend for gorilla/sessions using Redis.


GoDoc Build Status

A session store backend for gorilla/sessions - src.


Depends on the Redigo Redis library.


go get


Available on

See for full documentation on underlying interface.


// Fetch new store.
store, err := NewRediStore(10, "tcp", ":6379", "", []byte("secret-key"))
if err != nil {
defer store.Close()
// Get a session.
session, err = store.Get(req, "session-key")
if err != nil {

// Add a value.
session.Values["foo"] = "bar"

// Save.
if err = sessions.Save(req, rsp); err != nil {
    t.Fatalf("Error saving session: %v", err)

// Delete session.
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GitHub logo gorilla / sessions

Package gorilla/sessions provides cookie and filesystem sessions and infrastructure for custom session backends.


GoDoc Build Status Sourcegraph

gorilla/sessions provides cookie and filesystem sessions and infrastructure for custom session backends.

The key features are:

  • Simple API: use it as an easy way to set signed (and optionally encrypted) cookies.
  • Built-in backends to store sessions in cookies or the filesystem.
  • Flash messages: session values that last until read.
  • Convenient way to switch session persistency (aka "remember me") and set other attributes.
  • Mechanism to rotate authentication and encryption keys.
  • Multiple sessions per request, even using different backends.
  • Interfaces and infrastructure for custom session backends: sessions from different stores can be retrieved and batch-saved using a common API.

Let's start with an example that shows the sessions API in a nutshell:

   import (
    // Note: Don't store your key in your source code. Pass it via an
    // environmental variable, or flag (or both), and don't accidentally commit it
    // alongside your code. Ensure your key is
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GitHub logo JetBrains / kotlin

The Kotlin Programming Language.

official project TeamCity (simple build status) Maven Central GitHub license Revved up by Gradle Enterprise

Kotlin Programming Language

Welcome to Kotlin!
It is an open-source, statically typed programming language supported and developed by JetBrains and open-source contributors.

Some handy links:

Kotlin Multiplatform capabilities

Support for multiplatform programming is one of Kotlin’s key benefits. It reduces time spent writing and maintaining the same code for different platforms while retaining the flexibility and benefits of native programming.

Editing Kotlin

Build environment requirements

In order to build Kotlin distribution you need to have:

  • JDK 1.6, 1.7…

GitHub logo juliangarnier / anime

JavaScript animation engine


JavaScript animation engine |

npm version npm downloads

Anime.js (/ˈæn.ə.meɪ/) is a lightweight JavaScript animation library with a simple, yet powerful API.
It works with CSS properties, SVG, DOM attributes and JavaScript Objects

Getting started | Documentation | Demos and examples | Browser support

Getting started


Via npm

$ npm install animejs --save
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or manual download.


ES6 modules

import anime from 'animejs/lib/';
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const anime = require('animejs');
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File include

Link anime.min.js in your HTML :

<script src="anime.min.js"></script>
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Hello world

  targets: 'div',
  translateX: 250,
  rotate: '1turn',
  backgroundColor: '#FFF',
  duration: 800
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Demos and examples

GitHub logo microsoft / Web-Dev-For-Beginners

24 Lessons, 12 Weeks, Get Started as a Web Developer

GitHub license GitHub contributors GitHub issues GitHub pull-requests PRs Welcome

GitHub watchers GitHub forks GitHub stars

Web Development for Beginners - A Curriculum

Azure Cloud Advocates at Microsoft are pleased to offer a 12-week, 24-lesson curriculum all about JavaScript, CSS, and HTML basics. Each lesson includes pre- and post-lesson quizzes, written instructions to complete the lesson, a solution, an assignment and more. Our project-based pedagogy allows you to learn while building, a proven way for new skills to 'stick'.

Hearty thanks to our authors Jen Looper, Chris Noring, Christopher Harrison, Jasmine Greenaway, Yohan Lasorsa, Floor Drees, and sketchnote artist Tomomi Imura!

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[Go] Package of validators and sanitizers for strings, numerics, slices and structs


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A package of validators and sanitizers for strings, structs and collections. Based on validator.js.


Make sure that Go is installed on your computer Type the following command in your terminal:

go get

or you can get specified release of the package with

go get

After it the package is ready to use.

Import package in your project

Add following line in your *.go file:

import ""
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If you are unhappy to use long govalidator, you can do something like this:

import (
  valid ""
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Activate behavior to require all fields have a validation tag by default

SetFieldsRequiredByDefault causes validation to fail when struct fields do not include validations or are not explicitly marked as exempt (using valid:"-" or valid:"email,optional"). A good place to activate this is a package init function or the main() function.

SetNilPtrAllowedByRequired causes validation to pass when…

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