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Day 013 of #100DaysOfDesign — Secret Message

Harsh Patel
Learning Programming by coding beautiful websites!
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Did you ever wanted to share some important data to someone but you do not want to leave traces in social media platforms so that this information does not get leaked? I faced this issue many time and that is why I got and idea to create this website. It is also inspired from my work place, where we face this issue as well. We use similar tool as today’s website.

I wanted to keep it very simple for users. Because of that reason I chose to go with desktop only design in the website. But, today I have designed desktop website as a stretched out version on mobile website. This way I did not have to design for small devices separately.

Secret Message - Final Design

As you can see, it is very simple and straight forward design. As I started designing it, I realized that I need more than 2 pages for this website. I wanted to design screens for viewing the message as well modal to get the sharable link. I also realized that it will be better to create expired page for the links, so that if I try to view the message twice or someone else has already opened the message, website informs that the link is expired. I might remove the links as expired after 3–4 months.

It was a quick design so there might be some issues or some areas where I could have done better. Please drop your feedback in the blog comments or in the Figma file. It helps me to improve myself as designer. And do not forget to give a like to this blog!

Today’s Figma File: #013 — Secret Message

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