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My journey creating my first saas /startup in a few months pt.1

Hi everyone, it's me again. Today I wanted to start sharing my journey, how I built my first saas startup in a few months (we started about 4 month ago)

Finding a co-founder

Let's face it. You can't do everything. Or at least not efficiently in time. And time is one of the most valuable resources you have. That's why many founders will tell you to find a co-founder for your idea. In most cases a mix of technical and sales based skillset would be very helpful.

Since I work as a developer, it seems easy to find someone else with a technical background. And that's how I met your... my co-founder.

Solving a real problem

There probably are a ton of todo apps out there. And thats okay. Everyone has its own preferences and tastes when choosing a new product. In many cases you will use the most famous product which seems to solve 80 % of the problem you face. With that said, a problem can also be solved in many different ways sometimes.

We did find something that would be worth creating even if there are a lot of competition out there. We don't wanted to build just another products but one that solved a problem with a different approach.

So why not building a todo app with KI or make it more fun to use by using it in a different way? I think you get the point. If you are able to create your unique selling point than do it. But don't forget to solve a real problem.

Don't overengineer your MVP

Stop building more features. Focus on one or two main features which create great results and release your product as soon as it is stable enough to serve. You always should weigh in if the time you spend for a new feature is worth it or just go ahead to the next one wich should generate value.

We first started with an other product which we already discarded after we spend too much time thinking about it developing the first version. After reevaluating our product we knew we needed to move on.

Build habbits

I heard that if you do a task for 21 days repeatedly it turns into a habbit. When you build a product you need to be determined to finish it as soon as possible. That includes a lot of work, in my case programming sessions. I started one day and since we put our code on github, I can track how many commits I did in the past weeks. If I forget to code the other day, I feel bad and so I try to at least improve something small.

This was my first part on how I startet building my first saas startup. If you liked this post you could follow me on Twitter or here in Dev. I will continue posting about my process and hope I can provide you with my experience.

Thanks for reading

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