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Reasons to Choose AngularJS for Web Development

harveydear profile image Harvey Dear🚀💻 ・3 min read

Nowadays, every organization tries to make an impact online. To make the customer fall in love with your business, it’s not only enough to build a website. You have to work hard to improve the user experience while browsing your business online. That’s why it’s necessary to choose an efficient platform. However, there is a lot of platforms available to develop the website. Choose one of them for your development process it's a little bit confusing. To make it easier, let’s talk about one of the best web development framework AngularJS. AngularJS is an open-source javascript framework that is developed by Google. AngularJS helps to create all the interactive elements we normally find on the website. The main object of AngularJS is to develop single page application. AngularJS is based on MVC (Model View Control) architecture.

Why should you consider AngularJS for your next project?

1. Backend by Google: Google supports Angularjs. This put faith in developers to work with a strong codebase. It is the most stable framework in the programming world that is why companies and developers use AngularJS for web development.

2. Based On MVC Architecture: As mention earlier, AngularJS supports MVC structure to create an interactive web application. With the use of this MVC support, AngularJS developers just have to slip the app into components. Also, AngularJS allows rapid development because if based on MVC architecture.

3. Easy To Learn: People who know HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can learn AngularJS easily. There are a lot of online tutorials available to learn AngularJS to develop the web application. Learning AngularJS for web development gains many opportunities for the developer in the web development industry.

4. Effective Data Binding: The main reason why web developers consider angular programming is the two-way binding capacity. Whit this kind of binding, any changes incorporated in the interface directly result in the change to the app interface. This helps to save a lot of development time while making changes to the app easily.

5. Has a declarative UI: In AngularJS, templates are created by using HTML. It is a declarative language popularly used because of its scalability and innate intuitiveness. The declarative user interface makes things more understandable and easier to manipulate.

6. Support SPA Feature: The main motive for developing the single-page application is a faster website transaction. AngularJS supports the development of single-page applications. When the programmer uses AngularJS to develop single page application, the page loads quickly, provides the excellent user experience and works on every platform and is very easy to maintain.

7. Real-Time Testing: AngularJS framework test your web app easily. It allows both end-to-end and unit testing. Testing features offered by AngularJS, such as dependency injection, oversee how your web application components are generated—testing features show how to resolve their dependencies.

*8. Declarative Coding: AngularJS is known for its declarative coding paradigm, especially for building frequently accessible patterns. This results in a more lightweight code allowing optimum ease in reading and supporting.

This platform uses to build dynamic and enterprise-ready apps. The above points clearly show you that AngularJS is the most used web development framework. When you want to work with web development using a JavaScript framework, there’s nothing like AngularJS. To develop a single-page application for your business AngularJS is the best option for that. If you are looking to hire AngularJs developer for your next project. Do contact us so that we can assist you with your development process.


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Andrew Vitale

At first I thought you were confusing Angular (2+) and Angular JS, but it looks like you're actually advocating for angular 1.x.

You should NOT use AngularJS on new projects, as the end of life is December 2021 and feature development has been frozen for years. If you're using Angular, look at the most recent version.

mariocalin profile image

Good luck Next year with Angular JS

robsonsobral profile image
Robson Sobral

If you like Angularjs, go Vuejs. At least it's an active project!